Preface of Truth

According to the self-perception of people and understanding of the society, people can be divided into many types and grades of ideology. Different people will have different attitudes toward the myriads of things in the world according to their different understanding of the world so that they will take different actions in dealing with them, finally, the different actions will trigger different results.

Some people start from scratch and become a billionaire. Some people are so wealthy that they speak louder than others but finally end up in the street. Some people have tremendous property but are anxious every day. Some people are not wealthy but they feel satisfied with no regret in life at all. Some people are in poverty, desperate, and anxious. Some people are full of ambition in life and confident all the time.

We are in this era and our fate is elusive with much mystery and fanatics. What are the basic factors that can determine the fate of people? The answer is the human concept, which is the understanding of the world and society of humans, the understanding of the direction of social development, and also the understanding of value and fate of humans.

Understanding determines the concept, the concept determines the behaviour, and the behaviour determines the fate.

You are endowed with something since you were born, and it is very difficult to make a change or it is impossible to make a change at all, such as a person's height, appearance, intelligence, family conditions, etc. All of them can determine one's destiny, but they are not the final conditions. The final conditions that can determine the fate are the concepts of society and the world.

But because the intelligence of people is different, people's understanding of the world is also diversified. Different people will have different views on the concept of things mentioned in this book.

If you feel surprised, ridiculous, absurd, indignant, resented, sad, please don't feel strange. You can throw this book away or burn it, because that's your human rights. The author of this book does not mind at all. This book is for someone who is destined to read and digest it. He is able to get some inspiration from this book so as to change his concept and fate in life. If some people have abandoned what has been told in the book and slumped into difficulties and setbacks, please do not resent society and do not be in hostile to society, because the responsibility lies on you but not others. Your behaviour is what you have chosen by yourself. If your actions affect the operation of the earth, you will be abandoned by it. I do not want to see it and I do not want to see anyone slumping into bad outcomes, but this day will definitely come. If human society is to move forward, the earth is to move forward, the human civilisation is to move forward, the social relations, political relations, and economic relations between people have to move forward as well.

I know that changing the political and economic relations between people for ordinary people is a painful and hard choice. Maybe it's an advanced math problem for some people and they never elaborate the answer. But today, as the development of human society has been kept for such a long time, something must be changed. As some people say, 'the Bible' is the agreement between God and man. Thousands of years have passed and the human perception of the universe and themselves has undergone fundamental transformation. There must be a new agreement between God and man. The relationship between people, the relationship between man and society, the relationship between man and nature, the political relations and economic relations between people themselves must be radically changed. The concept of 'democracy, freedom, human rights, sovereignty, the political power and the property right, the state and individuals, systematic culture and individual culture, justice, and evil' and so on need to be redefined and perceived.

The idea of man is the simplest and most complex, most trivial, and most fierce. A smile will replace conflicts if the obstacle of thought is replaced by a good solution. Whether it is a faint smile or blood in conflict, that is your choice and that is your own destiny. I just say the truth and the other things are not what I should care. What is going to happen will happen sooner or later and the earth will not stop for anyone. The universe will never stop either. Be fully prepared by yourself and face the new day.