About the Book

When the author was very young, God told him to report to God what happened to mankind, and God would give him some enlightenment. Xu writes these exchanges and inspirations into articles and diaries and puts them on the author's website. The book "Century Sentences" is a selection of diaries written by the salvation angel Xu Xuechun after being inspired by God.

Part 1 Chinese Culture

The Chinese model is a social management model that combines communism and capitalism and it is designed by the author. The author gives some suggestions to the CCP through the Internet to help the CCP achieve the success of the Chinese model. The Chinese model designed by the author is successful. The evil things the CCP has done are not a problem of communism, but a problem of the evil nature of human beings. We can suppress the evil of human nature through high technology.

Part 2 Public ownership and God

Mankind’s understanding of public ownership and communism is wrong. Neither the Communist Party nor the capitalist scholars can understand the true meaning of communism. What the author wants to tell the reader is: Communism or capitalism, these ideas have no distinction between good and evil, only those who operate these doctrines have a distinction between good and evil. Communism and capitalism are just two different tools. They can solve different kinds of problems for mankind, And they are unable to replace each other.

Part 3 Islamic Terrorism

God inspired the author to declare that Islamic terrorism is not a believer in God and Allah, they are cults and demons.

Part 4 Western Culture

Western countries have seriously affected the national and national interests of Western countries due to their politically correct thinking. The author supports rightist forces to protect Western national interests. In fact, most of Trump's thoughts come from the author's website.