about the author

Xu Xuechun, the author of this book Century Sentence, is the most influential folk scholar from Shanghai, China. The author spent 30 years observing, thinking, and recording human society and put forward suggestions to Chinese and world governments. Most of the suggestions have been adopted and taken seriously.

In 2004, the Chinese government will sell all state-owned enterprises and privatize them. Xu put forward the "Chinese model" plan to stop the privatization of state-owned enterprises, which prevented the collapse of the Chinese Communist Party, Has achieved great success.

When IS was rampant in 2015, Xu sent a lot of messages to governments all over the world, exposing the evils of Islamic extremism, changing the world, and finally eliminating IS.

At the beginning of 2021, Xu sent a lot of messages to governments and media around the world, providing them with evidence about CCP, including virus creating, organ harvesting alive, and large-scale financial fraud.

Regard the pandemic, Xu found that there were serious mistakes in the western medical science community, hoping to remind the world through this book to relieve the disaster of the Wuhan virus in the right way.

Regarding the overthrow of the CCP and the Deep State in the world, I suggest that we just need to use the Internet and high-tech to spread all true information, and the CCP and the Deep State will be exposed, be attacked by all mankind, and disappear completely.