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Century Sentence: A Diary Written to God Accusing Against All of the World
by Xu Xue Chun

reviewed by Barbara Bamberger Scott

"There must be a new agreement between God and Man."
Presented as a series of short essays, this large work comprises the author's conversations with God. The individual segments range widely in subject, commenting on such diverse issues as the essence of the Tao Te Ching, the relationship between China and Taiwan, preventing global Islam, China’s governance, the insanity of Americans, and the "doggery" of democratic systems, with a strong preference expressed for Chinese socialism. The author advocates for the death penalty and for buying and selling babies on the international market. Africans, he states, have low IQs, Israel will fail if it continues to allow homosexuality, and the current Pope "has lost his mind" because he once washed the feet of Muslims. Chun believes that hatred for and willingness to expel Mexicans or Muslims is not racism; it is the only way to combat Satan, and, as such, is God's will. He states plainly that "women can't think." They can therefore never be philosophers and must always be taken care of by men.

The author is a self-described leader and scholar whose writings have allegedly been influential for positive change in his native China. He writes forcefully on such a wide variety of issues that there can be no doubt of his intellect, organizational skills, or conviction. His entries are dated and are set out in chronological order from the year 2004 through 2017. His facility with the English language is admirable, and his understanding of religion, both Christian and Eastern, is notable. However, his forthright views on a myriad of subjects could prove unpalatable to many readers, and his tome, at 955 pages, may prove a bit daunting for others.


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