"Pacific Book Review" review on this book

Title: Century Sentence: A Diary Written to God Accusing Against All of the World
Author: Xu Xue Chun
Publisher: XlibrisAU
ISBN: 978-1-5434-0387-9
Pages: 936
Genre: Non-Fiction
Reviewed by: Ella Vincent

Pacific Book Review

Century Sentence: A Diary Written to God Accusing Against All of the World is a sprawling and provocative book by Xu Xue Chun. The book offers an all encompassing range of opinions on everything from China’s political system to European immigration. This book is politically incorrect and proud of it. Century Sentence is a book that willed finitely start passionate discussions among readers.

Chun starts off by writing about the nature of good and evil in humans. He believes that good and evil exist in equal amounts in people. He also advocates psychoanalysis to help study the mind as well. Chun moves from the personal aspects of the brain to world history and current world affairs. He writes about the world’s problems being traced to the rise of, Isis, Islam and more tolerance of the LGBT community. Chun also criticizes Western countries that he feels are betraying their core beliefs. He advocates the evangelical Christian view that only Christianity is the one true religion for many people.

Chun’s writing is engaging, even if they are presenting theories that are hard to prove. His straightforward writing will be attractive to many readers as well. It’s hard to tell if his outrageous statements are serious or satire, but it’s fascinating writing nonetheless.

Century Sentence is a book that fits in with the inflammatory books of far-right leaders and political thinkers. The fiery language may be seen as hurtful to some readers, but free speech is the cornerstone of democracy. Ironically, Chun is against Western democracy and only favors a Chinese-style kind of government, but only in a Western democracy could a book like this be freely read. Chun’s book is a great example of the need to express many diverse views, even those that may seem objectionable to readers. Any readers who are Muslim, of African descent, or LGBT should be warned that there are many views that they might find offensive.

Chun’s writing would be best for readers that agree with the views of President Trump and readers who hold views that are not politically correct. Readers who agree with the politically conservative views of writers like Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, or Jordan Peterson will enjoy this book. Century Sentence would also be best for readers who want to read an alternative take on world history. The book would be best for conservative book clubs or for conservative evangelical Christian groups.

Century Sentence is a book that may have many topics, but it’s certainly a compelling read. This book will make readers think differently about many issues.