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Xu Xuechun, the author of this book Century Sentence series, is the most influential folk scholar from Shanghai, China. I spent 20 years observing, thinking, and recording human society and put forward suggestions to Chinese and world governments. Most of the suggestions have been adopted and taken seriously.

In 2004, the Chinese government will sell all state-owned enterprises and privatize them. I put forward the "Chinese model" plan to stop the privatization of state-owned enterprises, which prevented the collapse of the Chinese Communist Party, Has achieved great success.

When IS was rampant in 2015, I sent a lot of messages to governments all over the world, exposing the evils of Islamic extremism, changing the world, and finally eliminating IS.

Under God's guidance, I fled China from Shanghai in October 2020 and sent a large number of emails and messages to governments, media, and schools around the world, including the Trump administration. In order to expose the CCP's creation of the Wuhan virus, live organ harvesting, and financial fraud. I'm sure many of you have received my emails and seen my messages on the web.

Guo Wengui and Yan Limeng only provided unilateral evidence and opinions, which could not convince those who had doubts about it. And I have provided you with a lot of news analysis and evidence chain. One has to believe that this is a fact.
It was I who convinced governments around the world that the CCP created the Wuhan virus and launched biological warfare. Now countries all over the world regard the CCP as an enemy, and this is all my credit.

But to the Chinese, I am the most vicious traitor, and I have been abused by the Chinese with all kinds of vicious words on the Internet.

The CCP and the Chinese are chasing to kill me everywhere. For two years, I had no income, no language, no job, no legal status, no friends, no family, and no savings. To keep expenses down, I can only spend one dollar every day on one meal. He also did not dare to go out, for fear of being caught by the policemen and sent back to China to be killed by the CCP.

Under such circumstances, I still insist on exposing the CCP online every day, helping humanity solve problems, and spreading God's wisdom.

I write this article today because I feel that if no one comes to help me, I will die soon.

Now I need to say everything I want to say. I am using my life to help humanity, but humanity wants me to die.


If I am caught by Xi Jinping now, he will also crucify me to kill me or use more cruel methods.

In order to protect mankind, I destroyed all his evil plans, and there was a mess in China, and the whole world regards Xi Jinping as an enemy. It's all because of my revelations. Xi Jinping now extremely hates Shanghainese, and I guess that is because I am a Shanghainese.

God sent me here to help humanity solve problems, and I hope to do more jobs for humanity, so I'm not afraid of the CCP. I believe God will bless me.


The message God wants me to spread to humanity

Telling humans the truth about the Wuhan virus is not my most important job. Human beings today face enormous changes and choices.
On the Internet, “The Great Reset”, "The great purge", "globalization", and "Eliminate 80% of the population with viruses and wars", all of This is true,
because according to the existing human theory, the production capacity of the Internet and robots is much higher than that of human beings, and human beings have become useless and redundant things. That's why there are so many conspiracy theories. This is all logical.

It's just that ordinary humans can't understand it. You just feel that life is getting harder and harder. People are getting more and more anxious.

At this moment, human beings must change their thinking to reunderstand our earth and the world, as well as the relationship between people. Only in this way, can we escape this catastrophe. This is God's wisdom and what God wants me to tell you.

I am a reasonable person. I like to argue with people.I have written everything I want to say into a book. You can understand what I want to tell you through the series book "Century Sentence".

For example, the following important things:

1. The theory of capitalism has been destroyed by the internet and robots. Social wealth is concentrated in a few people. Because the Internet and robots have changed the distribution ratio of wealth.
To solve this problem, we must use some ideas of communism. We should Impose a "job-destroying tax" on Internet and robotics companies to hire workers for environmental improvement, desert development, public welfare and social management.
This problem is the most serious problem of mankind at present, and it is also the root of all contradictions in human society. If we can solve this problem, we can solve all problems.

2. Communism and capitalism are just two tools, and there is no difference between good and bad, only those who use tools can be divided into good and bad. Those who use these two tools are persecuting others or safeguarding fairness and justice. It is wrong to hate capitalism or communism. We need to combine communism and capitalism. Let these two tools serve humanity at the same time.

3. In order to overcome the persecution and corruption of those in power in communist countries, I propose a management model that completely separates the revenue and expenditure of public assets. Use high technology to disclose information on the use of all public assets.
A president and a prime minister, elected by the people, manage the income and expenditure of public assets, respectively. The two systems do not interfere with each other and the operation of all state-owned capital is disclosed to the people of the whole country in real-time.
The finance and security are dispatched by the president and the military to take over the finance and security of all state agencies, state-owned enterprises, and public institutions. Responsible for collecting public assets and taxes into the state treasury. And disclose the financial situation to the public every day.
The Prime Minister and the State Council are responsible for the expenditure and operation of the public capital.

4. Human beings should not hate the Deep State and cabal. Because human beings killed Jesus, God sent the Deep State to manage human beings in a cruel and evil way.
This is a punishment for mankind and help to mankind. Deep State has helped mankind establish financial systems, high technology and culture, and human civilization.
If there is no Deep State, human beings are still living in primitive societies and hunting in the forest.

5. If humanity wants to get rid of the savage and evil rule of the Deep State, then humanity needs to read my book and accept my advice. We can solve all problems with wisdom and high technology, without brutal, cruel, and evil ways

6. If people don't take my advice, then let everything go on. I have tried my best to help you. Human beings will not accept my help, but also want me to die. This is your choice.

7. According to Chinese traditional culture, the Communist Party of China now belongs to "无道昏君,恶贯满盈,人神共愤,人人得而诛之". This means the CCP has proved to be a very bad emperor, and everyone can arrest them and put them to death.
I propose to confiscate the overseas assets of the CCP, half to compensate the victims of the Wuhan virus in the local country, and the other half to compensate Chinese victims including Falun Gong, Xinjiang Uyghurs, P2P scams, private entrepreneurs, democrats, etc.


Century Sentence is a book that enables people to look at human society from the perspective of God

Although I now have the exact same body as a human, I have the ability to analyze and judge that a human does not have.
Because your human consciousness is very narrow. Humans can only perceive the things around them and make logical analyses and judgments about them.
And I can perceive everyone's thoughts through the news, and I can make logical judgments and analyses on very abstract and distant things.
Such as capitalism, communism, social wealth distribution, and all the legal, moral, political, and economic relations associated with them.
These are a set of interrelated rules of social operation.

My book, Century Sentence, redefines this whole set of rules by which society works, which is completely different from the ideology you now accept. It is to look at these problems from the perspective of God. I believe that wise people can understand my books.

Even if the Deep State could understand it, they would be unwilling to tell humanity. Because the stupider the human beings, the easier it is to be ruled by them. And once human beings have wisdom, they will not be deceived.
I wrote this book in the hope that mankind would share the wisdom of God.
So as to get rid of the evil rule of the Deep State and Reptilians over human beings.

I wrote the book "Century Sentence" with 300,000 English words and my diary with millions of words, all of which looked at what happened in human society from the perspective of God.


God inspired me to establish the Chinese model in China and declare Islamic extremism a cult

In 2004, the Communist Party of China hoped to sell out all state-owned enterprises and privatize them completely. God gave me the inspiration to put forward the "Chinese model" to the Chinese Communist Party, which avoided the collapse of the CCP. God needs to experiment with a new social management mode and economic operation mode in China. It combines the basic theories of capitalism and communism and is a mixed model. As I said, God knows capitalism will be destroyed by robots and the Internet. We need to experiment with a more reasonable mode of social management and economic operation and ideology.

Facts have proved that the social management and economic operation of the Chinese model are successful. It has enabled China's economy to grow rapidly, and now it has become the second largest economy in the world.
Today China's trouble is caused by the evil of the CCP and mankind, not the problem of the Chinese model. What we need to do is to get rid of the CCP and build a democratic new China with the Internet and high technology. In my book, there are detailed plans.

When the Islamic State was rampant in 2014, God gave me a revelation to expose and accuse Islamic extremism as a cult on the Internet. Now they have basically been wiped out. It is detailed in my book.

I have been helping mankind solve all kinds of problems according to God's will, and today mankind wants me to die. I have done so many things for mankind, but no one has helped me, and the Chinese Communist Party is chasing to kill me.

Many American netizens also laughed at me. I don't even know what I said to make them so unhappy and treat me like this. I betrayed my motherland and exposed the Chinese Communist Party. I was saving mankind. Why do you humans want me to die?

Is this how you treat people who use their lives to help you?


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