75、The Government Should Provide a Proper Platform for Trading and Adopting Infants

5 March 2016

Depopulation in Western countries is caused by monogamy and human rights system.

The solutions include polygyny and infant trading and adopting system. Generally, a monogamous family should have at least 2.2 children to maintain the normal population number. Otherwise, it will cause population decline.

While some couples are not willing to lower their living quality and standards in the name of protecting their human rights, so they are unwilling to give birth to babies or more than one baby.

Due to various reasons, some couples cannot give birth to children or more than one child.

Polygyny can solve the problem of depopulation. If you cannot accept polygyny, infant trading and adopting system can be used to solve the problem.

There is an old saying, ‘Rewards allure men to brave danger.’ It is very simple to increase population. As long as the market exists, raising the price can improve the market condition.

Some families are unwilling to give birth to babies, while others can do nothing and are unwilling to do anything except giving birth to babies. If giving birth to babies can enrich themselves, they would be willing to sell their babies. The higher the price is, the more children they will give birth to. All your expectations will be realised no matter you want how many children, black or white, boys or girls.

Many families are unwilling to give birth to children not due to poor quality of life but because of some other reasons, such as physiological reasons, old age, or health problem. As long as the market exists, they are willing to buy a child and raise the child heart and soul. It can be seen from the popularity of pet market that lots of people in the world need to adopt children. They call their dogs ‘daughters and sons’, which indirectly reflects their inner needs for adopting babies. Hence, they should be allowed to adopt some babies as their true ‘sons and daughters’.

In my opinion, the government should establish a special department engaging in the procurement and distribution of babies.

Firstly, the family needing to adopt a baby should register in Ministry of Civil Affairs, explaining the adopting reasons, family economic status as well as the gender and colour of the baby they want.

Then the government can call for online bids like P2P. Any family with extra babies to sell can submit a tender to the relevant department. As soon as a baby is born, one family can buy a baby from another family.

There’s nothing wrong with selling and buying babies as long as it is beneficial for the growth of children, and the development of the society and the country.

In China, some evildoers break the legs and arms of children and even burn them after buying them. Then these children are forced to beg for money all their life. It is reported that a group of people are specialised in such kind of business in China. One organisation manages lots of such disabled people, and delivers them to different places for begging by special cars. The begged money will be collected by the organisers.

Other organisations buy and train children for stealing, robbing, prostitution and doing bad things. Nevertheless, such kinds of things are in the minority. Perhaps, the government is against buying and selling babies for this reason. Doing bad things by taking advantage of babies belongs to illegal underground trade.

If the government can provide a legal trading platform, such things can be eradicated to some degree. Since the whereabouts of the children and their families can be tracked, the government can interfere when a problem occurs.

I’ve met a family that treats the adopted children as their own children.

I’ve also met a loving couple without children all their life. Only they themselves understand the misery and inanity of the life without any child. For them life is incomplete.

Some children born due to accidental pregnancy are killed or abandoned by their mothers after birth. If there is such a market, perhaps these children will not die because their mothers can earn a huge amount of money by selling them and live a happy life in other families.

From my point of view, the Western countries with negative population growth should open and vigorously encourage the baby trading market. Capitalism is market economy in essence and should lay emphasis on the trading market.

The Western countries are driven to extinction by depopulation and are gradually occupied by vicious Islamists. Thus, they need market economy to contribute to their population growth.

The government should set up a P2P baby trading website where families in need of children can call for online bids. They should state the gender and colour of the baby they want and how much they are willing to pay. The government can offer prices for reference. Muslim babies should be forbidden to sell. In this way, the depopulation problem of Western countries can be well solved.