74、Polygyny Can Solve Depopulation in Western Countries

30 January 2016

Negative population growth and depopulation emerged after the implementation of democratic system in Western countries.

Depopulation is derived from human rights system or feminism. Women refuse giving birth to babies due to various reasons, causing depopulation.

They refuse giving birth to babies because babies will degrade the living quality and standard.

Polygyny can solve this problem. Many countries in the world still implement polygyny and those countries with the policy of polygyny never lack population.

The reason is rather simple. Excellent and rich men can provide better living conditions for their descendants and are willing to have more descendants to inherit their legacy. Excellent descendants will come out of numerous descendants to inherit the legacy, which is a matter of probability.

Moreover, rich families of high status need more descendants to inherit their legacy.

However, monogamy, to some extent, prevents excellent men from giving birth to more descendants. Some of them even have no descendant to inherit their legacy.

It is believed that westerners are richer than the rest around the world and have good conditions to raise children. However, things turn out to be quite the opposite. Their population keeps decreasing and they need vicious Muslim to pay annuity to their elders. As a result, vicious Muslim provide for the aged for westerners.

This will finally result in the termination of civilisation. Over time, this kind of culture will gradually die out due to depopulation problem.

Everything has its vanquisher in this world. There is always a solution for each problem. The solution is to find out the root cause for triggering an event and act in contravention.

The problem is caused by human rights system or feminism and the solution is polygyny.

Considering feminism, polygyny and polyandry can be implemented at the same time, which is without discrimination against women.

As a result, excellent men can have more than one wife and menial men might fail to find a wife, which can balance the society as well and give birth to more babies.

Polygyny and polyandry are better than introducing vicious Muslim. At least, all the babies are of the same clan and have same ideology and culture.

You will finally be turned into demons if you let vicious Muslim help you provide for the aged.

Whether a culture can be inherited and reasonably promote population growth is an important indicator to measure whether a culture is advanced and excellent, which is also a fundamental and decisive factor.

Democratic Western culture leads to negative population growth and sustaining depopulation.

This shows that western culture is an unsuccessful, wrong, and critical culture which needs further improvement.

Blindly implementing western culture and democracy is fallacious and dangerous, and is another form of heresy.

Polygyny and property inheritance system can encourage people to give birth to more offspring, which has been repeatedly reflected in Chinese traditional culture. It is believed that countries implementing polygyny also recognise that this system plays a great role in childbirth encouragement.

If a man can marry more than one woman, the women who are unable or unwilling to give birth to babies will be confronted with the problem that no child can inherit the legacy of their husband and no one they can rely on when they grow old.

Therefore, the status of a woman in the polygynous family is directly related to whether they have offspring. No offspring means no status. When they get old, even no one will provide for them.

In view of this, polygyny can greatly simulate and encourage women to give birth to babies.

If a country has been faced with negative population growth for a long time, but still advocates feminism and human rights, its citizens should take medicine. Polygyny is good medicine for treating the infertility of a country and feminists need to take more, so as to solve the current problem. The United States is an immigrant country where black race and coloured race are willing to give birth to children, so depopulation is not a prominent problem. While, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, France, and Russia are incurably sick and need to take more medicine.