73、Upholding the Honour of One’s Ancestors, Carrying on the Family Line, and Man’s Superiority to Woman

16 January 2016

The concept of upholding the honour of one’s ancestors and carrying on the family line is a far-reaching idea of ancient Chinese culture, but it has been abolished as the Four-Olds.

But it is kind of reasonability.

First, this idea was based on the culture of male-dominated society, that is, man is superior to female. Based on the concept of man superiority to female, man should carry on the family line, while woman should become the fertility machine and man’s accessories.

That’s why the responsibility of upholding the honour of his ancestors and carrying on the family line is on the shoulder of man. Only man could uphold the honour of his ancestors and only man could carry on the family line. Therefore, man should also inherit the family business.

It happens that the religions of other nations also have supportive similar viewpoints.

The doctrine of Christianity begins with that woman is made from a rib of man and should be the accessories of man and man is superior to woman.

The doctrine of Islam is even strict that woman should not show her face, which is like she is shame to meet people.

The culture of democracy and human rights has denied the above and requires that man and woman should be treated equally. Islam specially despises the concept of movement for women’s right, sexual liberation, and sexual freedom.

It is good that Western people like to scientifically study and count. According to scientific statistics, there have been no ideologist or philosopher in all ages.

This is scientific statistics and truth.

The lubrication of this scientific phenomenon reveals the differences of logical thinking and sub-conscience between man and woman, which I have discussed in other writings.

That is to say that man and woman were designed totally different when God was making people. Women only proceed with conscience but no thinking.

They can only proceed with stress reaction toward things. They can only have simple logical thinking and lack the complex abstract logical thinking ability.

The bottom and the most primitive principle of logic and design on the society structure of man superiority to woman is revealed from this point of view.

As human’s thinking reaction ability varies from the idiots to the brightest, excellent women are smarter and more rational than men in low level.

The most excellent women are also better than men in ordinary thinking level, however, there are fundamental differences between man and the most excellent woman in logical thinking, subconscious, and the starting point of thinking.

Perhaps sometimes, higher thinking ability could compensate the deficiency of some starting point of thinking. In the meantime, the social status always determines the ability to make money.

Being professional and expertise in certain field is always sufficient to make money and the ability to make money does not require comprehensive thinking ability to study the society.

I have met many people and confronted many things. Some women are smart enough to be a good helper, however, there are no bottom line of morality, no life principle and no positive logic when a large number of women work. Reaching the goal is their only one logic and in order to reach the goal, they can swindle, fool people, being unreasonable, act shamelessly, being insidious, and being unscrupulous. There are only things they cannot think, but no things they cannot do.

Nietzsche once said, ‘If you need to go to a woman, don’t forget to bring your whip.’

Socrates had said that a bad woman could make a man into a philosopher. If he could think clearly on the bad and good things on earth, how could he not become a philosopher?

If you come across these women, most of them are not guilty enough to be dead. Without using the whip, indeed, it is no way to talk with them.

I guess when God makes women, in order to make men rule, God ignores to make something for women so as to make women simple-minded but with developed ability to parent the offspring and to mind their own business and have more babies.

Millions of innate traitors appear without any cause in Germany. They are noisy and controversial, which makes the German become philosophers soon.