69、No One Could Tell Whether a Muslim Is a Radical

9 December 2015

Recently, many Americans are lashing out at Trump, especially those who regard themselves condescending and distinguished, seemingly swearing to wipe him out from the political circle.

Trump is an honest man. Every single word that comes out of his mouth is downright true.

It, however, pricks the nerves of the ‘hypocritical Westerners’ dubbed by Israel.

In particular, politicians are exactly like the witty in ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, throwing the bull and lying through their teeth.

Those ‘hypocritical Westerners’ and ‘the emperor without clothes’ claim that the Muslims who have killed people are radicals, while those who have not picked up guns are good ones.

This is, de facto, very preposterous.

The rule is quite simple.

If you buy a basket of apples and someone tells you that some are poisonous enough to kill you, will you still buy it?

As simple as ABC, since we are not able to distinguish the poisonous apples from the harmless ones, we must destroy this basket immediately, let alone spend a penny on it.

Same reason. Are you capable of telling me which Muslim is radical, and which is not?

It was merely by attending a lecture, watching a tape of video, or paying a visit to Saudi Arabia that numerous Muslims who have committed terrorist attacks turned from moderates to militants.

Only by a few days or a few months would the so-called harmless apples mutate into poisonous ones.

Underpins a qualitative change is a quantitative change. It is by means, quoted from the ‘hypocritical Westerners’ and ‘the emperor without clothes’, that ‘the so-called harmless apples transform into poisonous ones all of a sudden, yet nobody knows how it deteriorates’. This is literally non-sense.

The truth is that they are all essentially poisonous apples, with some exposing themselves while others not, in that devils are in the DNA of Muslims, and are the essence of them.

Those who act in accordance with The Koran are demons. This is precisely the DNA of Muslims. This is precisely their nature.

For those who want to make a pitch for the Muslim, please first tell me which apples are poisonous and which not in that basket.

Please first tell me which Muslim is good and which not.

Could you guarantee that the good Muslim in your eyes would not kill, radicalise, or explode after visiting the Middle East for a couple of months?

In fact, no one dares to say for sure, and no one could clearly tell which Muslim is good and which is a terrorist.

It is by the US that Baghdadi and many of the most villainous terrorists were released from prison.

Only when the US government conceives that certain Muslims are good men will it release them from jail.

Nevertheless, the fact has evidenced that the American authorities could far from identifying which Muslim is good and which is a terrorist. They are birds of a feather. They all look the same.

A recent news serves as the strongest testimony for the nonexistence of moderate Muslims.

‘This a scene captured by the American Vice News when it was carrying out an interview in the control area of Syria’s “moderate” opposition: a sub-chief of the Free Syrian Army is leading the public to sing a song, the lyrics of which are “our leader Bin Laden made the US scare with power of belief and weapons; the Shia Islam, we will kill you all.”’ Once the video was broadcasted, Americans blasted the US government and accused CIA of being a piece of crap.

It can tell from this video that Americans are already insane, as they are spending money on supporting those anti-America monsters, or at least the government officials are all insane, given the fact that they are always full of bull, lying to the natives as well as the whole world. They cultivated those devils first by offering them capital, weapons, and political protection. Then they waged wars against the devils solely in the aim of contributing orders to merchants of death and eliminating dissentient forces around the globe, which is of no righteousness at all, but a pure troublemaker.

Accordingly, all Muslims are so problematic that they need to be examined. They all are part of the poisonous apples in that basket.

The best way is that not until we are able to completely verify and identify the poisonous Muslims among other harmless ones do we begin to discuss about the salvation and acceptance of the Muslim.

Prior to that, please keep them off the field and far away from us and our families and countries. This is the responsible practice for the sake of families, countries and the future generations.