68、Democratic Society Is a Society Led by Doggeries

24 November 2015

What are doggeries? Doggeries are people who deserve a beat, who cannot get what others mean and what the situation is.

There have been twenty-eight rules long before in Western society.

Twenty per cent of people are in charge of the wealth belonging to 80%. It is said that the rate is even much higher: 1% of people are in charge of the wealth of 90%.

Actually, it is very simple that only a rather small group of people are not doggeries.

Most people cannot get what others mean.

I’ve met a lot of people. People differ greatly in terms of their intellectual responses.

Young people are too naive while old people are rigid, slow, and fall behind others.

Moreover, most of the middle-aged are selfish.

The state of people’s minds can be assessed from three aspects:

1. Calculating capability

Like the CPU of computers, some people react very quickly while others are very slow. People differ greatly in terms of their speed to identify and receive emerging things.

2. The horizon and the received information

The volume of information one can receive is limited, therefore, the majority of people can only receive information about and at one place. People from different regions and different countries handle different issues because they do not even know what happens, why this happens, and what it will be like in the future in other regions and other countries.

3. Purposes and morals

What is the purpose of one’s life? What is his life goal? What does he want to do? Good things or Bad things? Some bad people are very smart and have a broaden horizon. However, what they only want to do is to murder people for their money and kill for their own interests.

Few people can meet these three standards mentioned above and only people meeting these standards are the real talents in society while others are not qualified. They are doggeries and subject to others. All of them deserve a beat and cannot get what others mean.

1. People are not capable of understanding things and learning things are deemed to be subject to others.

2. People who do not know things of other regions, other areas and other countries with short eyesight will be subject to others. If they become bosses, there will be absurdity and conflicts.

3. People who are always thinking about doing harm to others and benefiting themselves with bad morals should be controlled and managed.

Democratic system is to make those doggeries to manage a country.

Democratic society is a society led by doggeries.

If the conflict between the Western countries and the Islamic cult is not instigated, the Western cultures will finally be destroyed by the Islamic cult. The ideological system of those doggeries is not capable of fighting against the Islamic cult.

I remembered before that Japan was expected to be very prosperous. Who owned a Sony Walkman would be very proud and made others envy. However, they fail now. Their population ages and their economy decrease.

Japan’s fail is the failure of Western cultures, values, and ideological system; it is the failure of human rights, democracy, and free value system.

The reason why is that this kind of value system is to make doggeries to lead the society. This will deliver some bad results.

At home, the social management cannot be carried out well. Gun ban, shooting ordinary people, drugs, gangsters, and unfairness will emerge.

Reproduction will be a long-term terrible social issue. It is very important to whether a culture can succeed or the population and population aging can be controlled. Or it is an important index. Those Western bandits revel in happiness, refuse to take up the social responsibility, and now they realise the severe consequences under the democratic system, particularly Japan, Germany, and France.

Sometimes I think that Western countries should be destroyed by Islam and this is the success of China. However, if Islam destroys Europe, it will impact China greatly.

Therefore, it is the most beneficial act to unite with Europe for destroying Islam. Outside, they do not regret until some important decisions are made absurdly.

One of the representatives is Hong Kong. Many people in Hong Kong are sensitive while some college students and bad people are always advocating independence with absurd imagination. College students are less experienced, they are simple-minded with a strong body, they are the representative of doggeries and should whip and brainwashed after being caught. Without patience, they should be given a rope and encouraged to commit suicide. They might as well die because they are suffering while they are living. For people whose crimes are not enough for death, they can also be encouraged to commit suicide.

Many Europeans are sensitive while still many people are doggeries.

Several hundred are killed by Islam in France, the slaughter in the theatre that can only be seen in shambles. There are even French and Englishmen criticising China to combat Islam taking advantage of them. One Chinese proverb says, ‘One will not regret until bad consequences deliver.’ Why some Europeans still do not regret even when bad consequences deliver?

It seems that Islam does not work hard to kill more Europeans. They should create more terrorist attacks to make some people wake up.

Some people in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Europe are sensitive and they are the real talents in the society, who worth a mandate. However, there are still some doggeries that annoy others. They are not a minority in the society. They account for 80% of the world. Democratic system is to ensure that those people lead the society and lead humans to immoral and death.