66、The Discussion about Left-leaning and Right-leaning Thoughts on Refugee Issue

17 November 2015

I’ve seen that many countries changed their stances towards the refugees after the France violent incident. They began to receive those refugees, which was totally different from the beginning.

No matter receiving the refugees or not, it is not wise. The reason is that they make the decision with impulsion and do not think wisely.

No matter the people with left or right-deviationist thinking, they always make simple choices without thinking clearly.

It is easy to make choice, decisions can be made immediately. When seeing the picture of the dead boy on the beach, you decided to receive those refugees at once.

When seeing the violent situation of French slaughter, you refused to take refugees immediately.

This is so-called democracy and your wisdom; even animals are capable of making such kind of decisions, let alone human beings. Therefore, the intelligence quotient of human beings still remains at the level of animals and do not differ from animals. Therefore, it makes senses that humans should be eliminated.

Long before the breaking out of refugee issues, I’ve said that you should receive refugee with purposes and selectively and take advantage of this chance to transform their ideologies. At the same time, you should transform the ideology of the Islam world.

This is the most important thing.

You can just take it as joke.

Nowadays, all people in the world are mocking French and Europeans.

It is a joke that you received those refugees and it is also a joke that you expel them. You are making your country, your citizens, and those refugees. What are you doing is not responsible for your country, your citizens, your future generations, and those refugees.

My opinion has not changed that you should receive those refugees selectively and with purposes. All those Christian refugees should be received and managed reasonably. The reason why is that Christianity is in accordance to the Western cultures and there will be no cultural conflicts.

Muslim refugees should be required to change their religious belief to Christianity and the churches should manage those refugees correctly. Anyone who does not obey this rule should be expelled. Those refugees refusing to change their religious belief should not be received. They can be locked on a Greece island with humanism and no Muslims can be allowed to enter.

After the France violent incident, Islam should be claimed to be illegal in Europe.

Some people say people taking this action are shameless. You do not take up the responsibility for your own country, you citizens, your future generations and those refugees. All you do result in bad situations and you are indeed shameless. You ignored justice and only pay attention to the votes and remaining your social status innocently, you are truly shameless.

It is shameless to receive and reject refugees without selection, it is more shameless to receive them and then expel them.

The issue of refugees is not a terrible thing. However, if not handled correctly, it will become worse just like the France violent incident.

If handled correctly, it will become a good thing. We are capable of transform all people in the world. Islam is a cult and only believing in Christianity can be saved. It is not joke but a fact and a truth.

By doing some simple things, people deserving save will be saved and the Islam cult will be struck.

Why does the IS attack France this time? Do they not know that France is making great efforts to receive refugees?

The IS hopes that refugees come back to the Islam world and the jihad.

They instigate the contradiction between the Western world and refugees, forcing to become terrorists and pick up weapons.

You should give those refugees a reason to survive and a way to the free world, namely, Christianity and God.