65、Defender of Civilisation

25 October 2015

Recently, a series of racialist assaults have taken place in Europe.

A candidate was stabbed in Germany, at the same time, several students was killed in Sweden. Those who carried out the assassination are not the mob, but the defenders of civilisation who are regarded as heroes.

It was perfectly normal human response that people sought refuge in other civilised country when they could not stay in their homeland. Part of people wonder that they pursue a higher material life.

Trying to emigrating is nothing wrong. This is not the point actually.

In fact, the problem is the Muslim immigrants are not inspired to integrate into civilised society, but bring the devil society’s cult in civilised society.

The Muslims came to Europe to renovate it rather than learning advanced culture from the European civilisation. This is the problem right there that they want to turn European society into an evil world.

They are addicted in Islamic cult with no introspection and shame; at the same moment, they could not stay in their own country but poison the minds of the European by the Islamic cult.

The assassination of killing the devil is a justice action that protects Europe, protects civilisation, and protects the coming generations.

If there has no sense of regret, the means are far from assassinations; it would be the slaughter, mass slaughter, ethnic cleansing and religious cleansing. In other words, this is just a matter of time. The massacre is the justice and truth that are what the Lord asked us to do and also is what God’s people must do.

Civilisation will never bow to the evil. Civilisation will never yield to the devil. God will never allow this kind of thing to happen. This is God’s will.

Islamic rogues should go back to their own countries immediately and should stand or fall with their countries. Islamic rogues should be punished because they choose to believe Islam. It is their fate whether they are slaughtered by the terrorist or killed by bombs.

Do not escape, and do not allow for poisoning the civilisation country anymore.

If Muslims want to live in a civilised country, they must change their faith and believe in Christ, abandoning the Islamic cult. Otherwise, they will be abused, expelled, and killed. Europe is not the home to Muslims. They should go back to their own country and poison their own country with the Islamic cult.

Dead or alive, good or bad, are things that they must deal with. This is not things that have been done by European and man of a civilised society.

God divided human beings into different races who speak different languages, live under different cultures and beliefs, different regions, different countries, and different nations, which are to take the consequences of their own choice.

Choosing God or the devil is their own choice and their own destiny.

This is God’s will.

There are two gigantic devils in the world: one is the Islamic cult; the other is the people who provide protection to the Islamic cult. They enthrone homosexuality and believe the devil in the name of freedom of religious belief. Those who believe in the evil cults are worse than the devil and are nothing short of monsters in human form.