64、The World Has Been Manipulated by the Devil

21 October 2015

Limited by their consciousness, human beings can only see the scale of a torch. They cannot see everything because the world is enormous.

It is reasonable to say the whole society is like a flock of sheep. People are the same with sheep.

What the sheep is concerned with is grass, so they eat grass even it is on the road to the abattoir.

So it is easy for human to be manipulated by the devil. They don’t even know what they are doing and when will they be slaughtered.

Human is ignorant to God’s complicated truths, so God has put all truths in small pieces to different nations, religions and people.

The devil wants to achieve his goal, he has to make all kinds of truths extreme and confusing for people to tell from devil. What the devil says are truths in extremes.

The truths of God is mutually tolerant and interactive. The complete truth will be used in the good way. God revealed different truths to solve different problems. Human being is uncivilised so it is hard for them to accept all the truths at one time. Humans can do nothing to divide the complex truths into small pieces to put into practice.

Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, communism, democracy, and so on, are all included.

These are all truths to solve different problems. People see themselves as a contradiction because they are uncivilised. They are limited in thinking and consciousness so it is difficult to understand all the truths.

Every ideology and truth is like the washing machine, air conditioning, cookers, refrigerators, television sets in our home; they are just some tools that can solve some problems for us. We need to use them to solve some problems, but we can’t use only one of them to solve all the problems.

Western countries surrender to Islamic cult, but not Stalin. The cult has no ways to deal with him. Muslims are asked to eat pork and keep pigs and become traitors with no other choices.

However the economy of Soviet Union and Russia are behind Western countries. Different ideologies, truths, and logic can be used to deal with different things.

God gives human all kinds of truths and tools to solve different problems, but tell them to good deeds with all religious, ideologies. God gives people all kinds of religions to make them do good things. However to stand to either side is not complete and right. That will become cult.

The devil is in the details. The work of the devil is to put truth in an extreme and opposite opposition in order to achieve their evil purposes.

Sometimes what the devil has said and done can be truth because it disguises itself in the cloak of truth, so it is difficult for people to tell the differences.

Also because human being is like a narrow-mined group of sheep, they cannot tell the truth from the devil, thus they are driven by the devil all the time.

Islamism has been manipulated by the devil. It is the obvious that Islamism has become a cult.

God wants human to establish social order so as to show truth to Islam. But what should be the order of the community. It needs to be combined with other truths, comprehensive considerations can come to a conclusion, and the rules of the game in order and social development and the continuous development of the society.

The rules of orderly society in the Koran only apply to primitive society thousands of years ago, and they are totally not applicable to modern society. The rules need to be completely reformulated, but the truth that God wants man to establish social order has not changed.

The devil of Islam deny all the truths of other religions but its own. The IS and the Wahhabi cult make social order extreme. That’s what we’ve seen.

Now Islamism has been manipulated by the devil. IS and Wahhabi cult has sold their souls to the devil. Their souls have been completely manipulated. Now to eradicate IS and Wahhabi is to kill the devil. There is no other way to deal with the devil but killing. Only blood and death can drive away the devil and bring back order from chaos.

The Freemasonry is another demon. They invented Western democracy with totally disapproval of orderly society. All the thing democracy advocates run counter to the ‘Bible’. Western countries are in moral decay together with the devil and are called ‘big prostitute’ in the inspiration of the ‘Bible’. They have unjustness, drug addicts, prostitution, sex slave, homosexual people, gangs, murder, rape, theft, robbery, indifferences, and hatred among people. They indulge themselves and totally ignore God.

They throw away everything except indulgence. Freemasonry is closely related with Jews, so it probably should be created by the Jews. The Jews did so many bad things, and now we are protecting and helping them on the Palestinian issue. The founding of Israel is God’s will to forgive the Jews. No one can change that.

Democracy and capitalism are also the revelations of God, but now they are abused by Western countries. People tend to go to extremes because they can’t control things.

One same ideology, logic will end the life of a person and a country because they are ignorant and uncivilised. They are always controlled by ideology and unable to use all kinds of ideology to serve their own purposes. God wants the man he created to be rich and only democracy and capitalism can do that.

But being rich is not the only requirement of God for human beings. They have to be orderly, love, kind, versatile, fair, just, and grateful to God.