63、Israel Daring Not Recognise the Legitimacy of Its Occupation of Palestine

17 October 2015

Now Western scientism has been made into a religion. They believe in science experiments and do not believe in religion or God.

So does Israel.

All of Israel’s foreign propaganda has never mentioned God or the Bible. And Israel has never declared to the world that they established the state in Palestine in accordance with the Bible or the will of God. They just keep requiring the other nations and Arabs in the world to recognise their right to subsistence.

It is unreasonable and untenable in accordance with the logic of the right to life. In order to protect Jewish existence rights, Israel could kill and drive out the Arabs from their ancestral land, and then Jews build the state upon the Arab corpses. This is not logical.

This claim for existence rights is totally unfounded. Anyone who hears it will object to it. And anyone who recognises Israel’s right to exist is to acknowledge it is free to invade other countries, and kill their people or drive them away, and then find a new state on their land.

This is something as evil as what IS did, which is illogical.

Israel can only appeal to God and the Bible, thus they can hold water. However, because the world does not believe in God or the Bible, the Israelis dare not to say that. They are afraid of being ridiculed, for the superstition, unscientific views or nonsense of the Jews.

If Israel could not recognise God or the Bible in front of the world, they should not found a state. They should be damned, punished, and be looked down upon.

They dare not to admit the things they are doing, so they deserve to be damned, punished, and be looked down upon.

They should not only recognise God and the Bible, but also make the world do it too. Hence, it is legitimate for Israel’s founding. Israel needs to let everyone in the world know God promised Palestine to the Jews in the Bible. It is the work of Jews. Otherwise they should keep on wandering. They should not talk about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict all day without end. They could also have a good time in their vagrant life. Only God and the Bible can give the founding of Israel legitimacy.

If Israel does not dare to promote God or the Bible, it means they dare not to acknowledge the legitimacy of their founding. They should still keep on wandering.