61、EU Countries Are Not Obliged to Admit Refugees

9 October 2015

Recently, EU requires members to share refugees, which is a thing completely beyond all reason.

1. EU is a union of European nations, rather than a union of Middle Eastern countries nor the one of Arab countries, and these refugees have nothing to do with EU legally and morally. EU countries are under no obligation to admit those Islamic refugees by seriously damaging their own interests.

2. Middle Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, make a bundle and belong to Arabs, Islam, and Sunnite, the same as those refugees. But they refuse to admit refugees, why?

a) Because they all profess Islam cult, and they know that Islam is the largest terrorist organisation. Wars and conflicts are inevitable among different countries and factions therein. Because they know Islam too well. Muslims are born traitors, who would only bring forth disasters and wars to their countries, instead of any other benefits. So they give a flat refusal to admit refugees.

b) Real makers of these refugees are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Israel. They launch a sectarian war under the guise of opposing the Syrian president, pay a large number of capital to terrorists, grant them weapons and ammunition, and provide medical and logistics support for terrorists. They are the deep-dyed troublemakers, yet completely escape the responsibility and obligation brought by war.

Turkey is the only way which must be passed by refugees and the country neighbouring on war, so Turkey shall take some blame for this as well. They have ignited the flame of war with Kurds, which is called as that he who plays with fire gets burned. While other countries behind the scene treat refugees as the god of plague and avoid them for fear that it might be too late. Because they know what Islam is too well, besides, this devil is of their hands.

They would only let devil to scourge Syria, Europe, and anyone but their own countries and themselves.

3. Those, who are anything but refugees, are economic migrants. They come to Europe not for fleeing from calamity but for making money and earning Euro.

The greatest wish of refugees is to have essential living conditions and come back when the situation is getting steadily, while the aim of migration is to seek a more comfortable life.

For European countries, especially France and Germany, if you feel that your country is short of hands, you can totally relax restrictions for immigration policies and attract high-quality migrants worldwide, and select persons with certain labour skills and linguistic competence who conform to European benefits and acknowledge European values across the world. This is the responsibility taken towards Europe, your own countrymen and your coming generations.

You are irresponsible for your country, your countrymen, and your coming generations in receiving foreign heretics, terrorists, evil forces, low-quality population, and some foreign persons having an ulterior motive to transform the Europe in a non-screening, unaccountable, and arbitrary way.

You are trading with devil by the security, peace, and happiness of your own nation, citizens, and future generations to exchange your own psychological comfort, Nobel Peace Prize and votes of short-sighted individuals.

You bring your nation, citizens, and future generations into fear, terror, and war, just like the Middle East now. Even the Middle Eastern Islamic sophisticates avoid refugees like plague, while you go so far as to embrace these devils. You are too arrogant and belittling the power of devil.

Islamic devil is too much for you sissy to deal with.

4. It is unjustified and makes no sense that you French and German want to invite people to dinner and ask others to pay for you.

It is your human rights and business to show sympathy for refugees and express your love, but you have no reason to force others to pay the unbearable price, suffer terrorist threat and great pain just for gratifying your vanity, which is an immoral behaviour.

If you want to display gallantry, you should be responsible for consequences by yourself. Do not pull others to fall on hard times. It is evil rather than hero, or to say, it is another kind of devil.

The Arab and the Camel

One cold evening, an Arab was sitting in his own tent with howling wind outside and warmth inside. In a while, the curtain was lifted up lightly. It was his camel, who looking into the tent from the outside.

‘What’s the matter?’ the Arab asked him kindly.

The camel said, ‘Master, it’s so cold outside and I can’t stand the cold. Could you let me put my head in the tent?’

‘No problem,’ the kind Arab said.

The camel then put his head into the tent. But before long, the camel begged again. ‘Could I bring my neck inside, too?’ The Arab considered that it just took a small space and consented his request. The camel then put his neck in. The camel with body outside shook his head uncomfortably, and soon he asked again, ‘It was rather uncomfortable to stand like this. Actually it only takes up a little room if I put my forelegs in, then I can be more comfortable.’

‘You are right, then put your forelegs in too,’ the Arab said and vacated some room for the camel by moving his body, as the tent was really too small.

After a while, the camel shook his body and said, ‘In fact, if I stood like this, the external cold wind would blow in, which exposing both of us to the cold. I might as well stand in the tent wholly, then both of us can be warm!’

But the tent was too small to accommodate a person and a camel. However, the master was very kind, protecting the camel just like himself. He said, ‘Though with small room, you can try to stand in wholly.’ But the camel said when coming in, ‘It seems the tent cannot accommodate both of us. You with small figure would better stand out. Then I can live in this tent and the space can be fully used.’

The camel crushed to the master when coming in, and this Arab staggered and withdrew from the tent. The master was then kicked out by the camel in such manner.

Beware of those who reach out for a yard after taking an inch.

Arabs and Muslims know how to kick the master out and occupy the tent by themselves ever since their early years. But Europeans have no idea of camel’s habit, so they get the worst of it.

As Middle East Arab countries are some regions of very poor natural resources, due to the shortage of materials, the culture between individuals is just as this kind of camel culture, scorpion culture, and the culture of returning kindness with ingratitude. It is a kind of choice-less measures and the special culture to resist harsh environment.

The culture of Europeans sprang up in an economically developed environment abundant in natural resources is essentially and subconsciously different from the Arabic and Middle Eastern culture.

Now, Europeans’ adoption of ‘abundant culture’ to deal with affairs of those with ‘camel culture, scorpion culture, and the culture of returning kindness with ingratitude’ will give rise to stupid mistakes and ridiculous misunderstanding, invite disaster by letting in invaders, and make great mistakes.