60、Righteousness Rises Up When Great Truth Is Annulled

4 October 2015

Tao Te Ching: Chapter 18

Explanation: When great truth falls, virtues and morality are needed for maintaining social order; due to absence of social great truth and the undesirable general mood of society, everyone in the society is calculating and advocates for seizing things by hook or by crook, and that leads to the appearance of massive frauds; because relations between relatives are not harmonious, filial obedience and benignity are highlighted; because politics of a country is in chaos, the importance of loyal ministers is prominent and the society praises highly loyal ministers.

The sentence suits ‘hypocritical western people’ very well.

In my view, Tao Te Ching is the truth that God has enlightened ancient Chinese people.

‘When great truth is annulled, there is righteousness’ is what God said to western people as well as his evaluation on western people.

Western people talk about virtues and moralities all day long. They protect rights of cats, dogs and humans. Moreover, they advocates for freedom to own guns, to protest, to have sex, to addict to drugs, and to establish gangs. Therefore, in Western society, murderers, drug dealers, and terrorists are exempt from sentence of death.

As a matter of fact, they have done so in order to win votes and money from Nobel Peace Prize so that they can earn more political benefits for economic groups they are representing.

Why are there more supporters for freedom to own a gun by everyone after so many shooting accidents have happened? Because personal safety of some people in capitalist countries is undertaken by individuals and they have to own guns in order to protect individual interests, which is an outcome of social system. The irrationality of social system is the so-called ‘annulled great truth’ where people can only try to reduce harms caused by absence of great truth through advocating for righteousness and moralities.

That is the so-called ‘When great truth is annulled, there is righteousness’.

People who practice great truth never boast of virtues and moralities. People who practice great truth are responsible for only God instead of anyone else. They do not need recognition or worship from anyone else and never compromise to anyone else as long as they satisfy God. In other words, they only practice according to will of God as well as generally acknowledged truth, justice and interests of the masses. God loves the masses, which is will of God.

For example, if Islam is not eliminated ideologically, the issue of terrorism will never be solved and the compromise with Islam is hypocrisy.

On the issue of Palestine, if Israel is not judged as legal and Palestine is not judged as illegal, the issue will never be solved. In other words, supporting Palestinian people is hypocrisy.

There are also issues of Syria and Iraq. Though Western people have bombed the places for one year and made great efforts, are the problems solved? If they are not solved, the long-lasting wars will result in more and more injuries and deaths and the whole world will pay higher and higher prices for that, which is much severer than the death of several common people. Every war kills people and we should give consideration to total costs and results.

Wahhabi is the most vicious religion in the world, several times than Shia. However, western people are supporting Wahhabi in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Turkey, which is the so-called ‘annulled great truth’. When the general direction is wrong, how can people do correct things?

One typical example of western people’s hypocrisy is that they are accusing Russia for killing common people in bombing these days. ‘When great truth is annulled, there is righteousness’. They support and train demons while accusing under the name of virtues and moralities when others are trying to stop the demons, which is hypocrisy in nature.

Instead of boasting of righteousness, people who practice great truth only follow generally acknowledged truth and justice and do correct things.

For example, Stalin said Muslim people are inherent traitors and asked them feed pigs and eat pork, which is practice of great truth. In short, people who practice great truth never fear of anyone else and they are responsible for only great truth and justice as well as God’s will.

In my view, what Stalin did is far from enough. Because it was not 2012 at that time and Muslim could not be eliminated fundamentally in ideology. However, we now have enough reasons to complete wipe Islam out from the earth.

If Islam disappears, terrorism will be no more, aircraft bombing is not necessary and no common people will be mistakenly bombed. Consequently, the hypocrisy of Western countries will die out naturally.

Therefore, as long as great truth is promoted, it will be unnecessary for people to try to reduce losses and damages through promoting virtues and moralities and they are no longer needed by people.

Virtues and moralities are advocated because great truth is annulled and not practiced.

The ideal society God intends is not maintained by virtues and moralities and God’s love for humans is not maintained by virtues or moralities or given by others. God does not need giving by others because it is contempt on God. Everything God wants people to get, they will get it and that is highly guaranteed. People do not have to get the things from charity. When God wants poor people to get wealth, they will surely get wealth, and not from charity of the rich. They get it through practicing and promoting great truth. Through establishing a reasonable social system, social fairness and justice are promoted and the poor are taken care. Meanwhile, the rich will gain development and everyone has guarantee for life, which is the real glory and greatness of God.

It is not God’s style for the poor relying on charity of the rich. God wants his servants to practice great truth instead of western people’s hypocrisy which wins popularity by hoodwinking the public.

Scientific socialism and unified scientific management of a country is the practice of great truth.

Establishing a scientific social management system with God’s wealth is the practice of great truth.

A society that practices great truth does not have to advocate for virtues and moralities because everyone in the society has virtues and moralities and does good deeds spontaneously.

‘When relations between relatives are not harmonious, filial obedience and benignity are highlighted.’

Because there was no pension insurance in ancient times, the aged depended on children for later life. When relations between family members are not harmonious, sharp family conflicts and the situation that the aged were not supported would be resulted in. Under such circumstance, children who showed filial obedience to parents stood out and should be highly praised.

Going the other way, if relations between family members are harmonious, there is not the so-called issue of supporting the aged. In that case, everyone is filial and there is no outstanding filial person. Consequently, there is no the issue of filial obedience.

The sentence means: if social management is scientific and social problems are solved effectively, moralities are not needed to restrain and normalise people’s behaviours.

Morality is something not essential. However, scientific and effective social management system is something rigid and essential. Only when the scientific and rigid social management fails will people have to restrain behaviours through promoting moralities.

‘When relations between relatives are not harmonious, filial obedience and benignity are highlighted’ focuses on social management of supporting the aged.

‘When politics of a country is in chaos, the importance of loyal ministers is prominent.’

When a country praises highly loyal ministers, it is believed that the country is going to an end. The reason lies in that: when few loyal ministers are praised, it is believed that a majority of others are traitor ministers. Therefore, the country is bound to end.

Hence, administration of a country should not rely on one or two loyal minister(s); instead, it should rely on a scientific and reasonable social governance system.

In a scientific and reasonable country administration system, everyone will do correct things and get loyal spontaneously.

When everyone is loyal, loyal ministers will not be praised as exceptions. Therefore, a country that highly praises loyal ministers is a country with chaotic politics.

This sentence means: instead of relying on hypocritical moralities for country administration, people should establish a scientific and reasonable country management system.