58、Democratic Countries With Negative Growth in Population Will Inevitably Die Out

7 September 2015

Some developed countries and Islamic nations have a strong desire for children, this is a natural choice. Just like the lower animals are, the greater the need to maintain reproducibility, for relying on the quantity to compensate the disadvantage in quality.

Also like fish can deposit tens of thousands of eggs, but only a lucky few could live to the breeding season. It is also the case with Islam and low-quality states.

On the other hand, many great countries subjugated because of low fertility rate in history.

For instance, the Roman Empire was subjugated, for many reasons, such as lead poisoning, homosexuality, the ruling class content with pleasure rather than having children and the invasion of alien culture, etc.

Now many democratic countries are also facing the same problem. They are content with pleasure, practicing homosexuality, and not willing to have children for the negative impact on their lives.

God let different ethnic groups rule different areas and build different countries. But if the people are not willing to have children which results in alien invasion, this should be punished and should not be protected by God.

If the cultural and national invasion to the West by a large number of births is the advantage and strong weapon of Islamic cult, they claim that they will take advantage of the weapon to occupy the world

The average age of Islam is 23 years old, they can absolutely use young people to defeat the old man and women in the West.

The Western countries seem to have no effective answer, because the culture of democracy and freedom, and the pleasure-seeking culture do not support high fertility, which will inevitably result in the decline of the nation and extinct in the end.

Economic declines in Western countries are directly related to ageing populations. And the ageing population is directly related to democracy, freedom culture, pleasure-seeking culture.

So from the perspective of fertility, if the West cannot improve their democratic culture, they will disappear like the Roman Empire and give place to other culture.

According to the previous approach, the only way to change all of this is a massive genocide, just like Rwandan genocide solves all the issue once and for all. That is the way the forceful nation solves the inferior race. But democracy do not allow them to do so, the only result for them is death, chronic suicide, and slowly dying out.

If one day Westerners finally cannot endure the invasion of the Islam and eradicate the nation and religion, I think God will not object. It is just a matter of making excuse and persuading themselves.

In regard to the subject of population issues, India doesn’t have this problem because their traditional culture dominates society. Their population are exploding. The caste system and some old system balance the unequal society with huge population. A large number of pariahs are discriminated and oppressed by Western standards, but the case system make them won’t fight and accept it, because they are pariahs.

Pariahs can live under very low standard like the Islam. Their governor even suggest them hunt rats to eat, only the caste people dare to say such words, and only the people getting used to the caste system will listen. Neither Westerners nor Chinese dare to say such words.

That is why India and Islam could maintain a high birth rate. There are also some countries advocating eating flies, making fly pies. Indeed rats and flies are high protein and high nutrition. You can’t say it’s wrong from the nutrition angle, but that’s too disgusting and you need a strong spiritual power to eat.

You know why the Islam establish so many rules like what they can or cannot eat?

Without these rules, they would eat more disgusting things owing to the food shortage. Even more, they will let Westerners eat.

China also faces problems of aging population, people say getting old before getting rich. But I think China can solve these problems, because China’s state-owned capital is so strong that can solve all the problems. As long as government do some preferential policies, policy advocacy, and policy encouragement action, the population will significantly increase. I am still confident on this

Westerners are not so lucky. Westerners have advocated and propagated for many years, but no to no avail. The government does not have enough resources to start this huge project.

The fundamental reason is that the society of democracy is not a society that can be regulated. Having children is part of human right and free personal behaviours. Western democracy is non-interference with ‘individual human rights, individual freedom,’ so it cannot play a role in social regulation.

Now the solution of democratic states is to introduce a large number of Islamic cult as their labour. That is also the reason why German and France welcome the Islam immigrants in a way to solve problem of labour shortage in their country.

You are unable to encourage high fertility for the sake of pleasure and accept the devil cult to supplement labour. This is called ‘drinking poison to quench thirst’.

But it’s no problem, God allows you to salvage this through genocide, but I don’t know if you still have the chance.

Today you open arms to embrace those cult, but you need first to prepare the camp and the gas chamber, just like what Germans did to the Jews, and this is allowed by God.

Westerners use Islam as cheap labour in order to not have children for improving their lives.

Invasion of alien inferiors: Islam is a well-developed but simple-minded inferior race.

Invasion of alien inferior culture: the Islam culture is bad money driving out good, shameless low-quality people plunder social resources and spread evil inferior culture.

They are all poisons.

You Islam are not allowed to run around and spread poison. You should live and die with your country in your land that God gives you.

Some Syrians say the Syrian war is a proxy war, not the war of Syrians. Which is not correct, the Syrian war is the war with Islam. If you believe in Islam or are related to Islam, then this war is your war. Enjoy it, fight seriously, and do not run away. This is the fate of Islam and also God’s punishment for Islam.