57、The Illegal Immigrants Should Be Gathered to a Greek Island for the Unified Management

31 August 2015

Now there are two major problems in Europe: illegal immigrants and the Greek debt crisis.

In my opinion, these two problems can be resolved at the same time.

The Greek owns a lot of money to the European which they cannot afford to pay back. But there are many islands in Greece.

In my opinion, the European should rent one Greek island to establish a concentration camp for resettling the illegal immigrants. Catch all illegal immigrants in Europe and deliver them to the island for a central management. This is the most suitable and also the most scientific method, which can fundamentally solve the problem of illegal immigrants.

The illegal immigrants come to the Europe in swarm for looking job there, and then they use Islam heresy to poison Europe.

We catch all of them and deliver them to the island, which can totally avoid the happening of these two matters.

They cannot get the job, no influence to the current order in Europe.

They cannot use Islam heresy to poison Europe on the island, the tumour is restricted to a certain region.

Their two wishes cannot be realised as they get nothing from Europe. When the situation of their country is stable, they will go home naturally.

It is convenient to centralise them on the island. The dispatch of a few warship and army can totally avoid their escape.

The Greeks owe Europeans a lot of money. We should give them opportunity to make money. Help Europeans to solve some problems and make money for paying the debt.

The Greek is very close to the Middle East and Africa, which is of the most convenience for management and also convenient for the illegal immigrants to return home.

It is simple and clear to catch and deliver the illegal immigrants to the island, which is convenient for the operation of each government.

We should bring some pork food and bibles to the refugees on the island and help them to escape from the heresy as early as possible. Shrink back from difficulties.

We should raise donations among all Muslim in Europe. Ask them to raise money for arranging the refugees. The Islam problem should be resolved by Islam, not the problem for Europeans. The European has no obligations to help Islam for free. The Islam needs to understand that it should be paid for believing the heresy, and the cost is very expensive.

There is a Chinese saying, ‘A person’s poor situation can always attribute to his own fault.’

Why are they refugees? Because they believe in Islam heresy, then they become the refugees.

The Buddhist says that there is retribution for sin. The consequence is caused by the reason. The refugees exist because of Islam heresy.

This is punishment for them by God. The one who helps them is God’s enemy.

There is a necessary connection between heresy and refugees. If we only provide them with material assistance, they are always the refugees without giving up evil and returning to good. In addition, the Europeans will finally become refugees under their influence.