56、The World Should Unify Scripts

29 August 2015

Life is like a drama, everyone plays a different role.

However, nowadays every country, every culture, every individual has different scripts.

Many countries, religions, organisations, individuals will conflict with others during the acting, which leads to war, conflict, revenge, and hatred.

‘War, conflict, revenge, and hatred’ appear because they have different scripts.

Many people think we may severely affect the interest of others when we are acting according to the script, and the way to solve this problem is through ‘war, conflict, revenge, and hatred’.

Islam has their script. Different denominations have different writers adapting the stories based on the Koran. They mainly show stories of gangster, underworld, murdering, violence, explosion, plane hitting the building, explosive truck, suicide bombers, women and children being murdered, and violent terrorism.

Western countries like performing protests, demonstrations, strikes, riots, and demonstrations.

Gangster films are on in America every day. Mexicans like acting the shoot-’em-up between drug dealers and prison breaking stories of drug traffickers. Japanese and Taiwanese like acting stories of pleading not guilty and rewriting history. Indians like acting stories that young men and women suicide for love, like suicide, escape for love, or hanged, beheaded for love.

Chinese people always have the upright official complex: they always hope that an upright official can save them. But several upright officials cannot make a difference. We must build a system to make sure right people in the right position, which would make sense.

Everyone in this world gets different scripts.

I think that the world’s problem is everyone gets different scripts. They may conflict with others unintentionally, which may cost some benefit or even life and sometimes may bring the outbreak of ‘war, conflict, revenge, and hatred’.

Many people in this world should get published or sentenced to death. But they are not doing evil things on purpose, they are just acting on script, and becoming bad guys unintentionally.

Acting on a script of the wicked, you will turn out to be wicked and will be cut off by the world. This is what Islam is suffering.

I believe people in this world should unify scripts first, and then judge good and evil.

People should unify scripts. People need to get a general and correct concept for all the things in this world, including all the religions, all the political thoughts, all the economic orders and profit distribution.

Everyone needs to know what kind of social framework we need, what the roles of us in this social framework are, and what the function of each role is. Then people can choose to play a role according to their wishes.

The social framework use wealth, mineral, and land created by God as social public capital, as basic resources to maintain social orders. We need to build a framework of well-ordered society, because we need capital, a lot of capital, unlimited capital to build society orders and maintain justice. Under this framework, people can choose their own life freely in the case of not infringe the interests of others.

When you want to be a just man, and maintain justice and fairness, you can choose to become a policeman or policewoman, a soldier. Social framework provides just man with unlimited resources, money and material, you can have unlimited support to eliminate evil and maintain justice.

When you want to earn money, you can become a businessman. When you have an ambition to benefit people, you can become a civil servant. You can reconstruct your homeland with God’s wealth and land as well as tax. When you want to be an artist, you can choose to be an actor. When you want to develop yourself or even develop special talent, it is okay as long as you don’t influence others.

You can believe in anything, but the prerequisite is that you cannot affect and force others, cannot destroy the social orders.

It is okay that some people want to play the villain of the piece and become bad guys. Society will sort out them timely, and let them go to reincarnation as early as possible.

People should unify scripts first and act later.

If someone acts wrong, people around the world will know that he has a problem, someone will correct him. He will be replaced.

Now the world’s problem is that each person only get a small part of the lines which belong to them, and that the lines tend to be out of date lines. And they do not know other people’s lines and roles. They are unable to distinguish and correct the mistakes of others. Despite of the western democracy, it is also useless because you don’t know the correct lines and correct roles of others. The existence of democracy cannot correct the mistakes of others.

The problem of modern western democracy and private ownership is social management cannot be realised, social justice cannot be maintained, evil cannot be cut off, social orders cannot be kept.

Certain modifications are needed. Mineral resources and land resources which belong to God should be nationalised and capitalised, and used to maintain social justice and social orders. We should provide just people with unlimited physical and financial support.

Capitalisation of state-owned property is the most crucial technology, the most crucial condition of maintaining the whole system. China would have collapsed long ago if were not the capitalisation of state-owned property, as predicted by the west countries.

No one can shake the social structure after the capitalisation of state-owned property.

That’s why we said Chinese can construct their own county according to their wishes on the base of stability of the country only resources which belong to God are nationalised and capitalised. Then no one can shake it.

This is to set an example for the world, also the fate of Chinese people. Other countries should implement accordingly.