55、Saddam Once Said: Iraq Is Nothing Without Me

10 August 2015

This is what Saddam said, and it has been mentioned ever now and then till today.

It was true if we considered the situation when Saddam ruled Iraq. Under his ruling, Iraq was the most powerful country in the Middle East.

Now, even the IS gangsters or nongovernmental armed forces without air forces are difficult to tackle with.

The domestic policy of Saddam was a success, what he failed was in a different level—international policy. He should not have play against Israel and the United States.

God was to punish the enemy of the Israel, and that was how Iraq came to this now.

It is human nature that people become blinded and bloated when they are thriving and successful. They become too arrogant to review themselves and the world correctly. This happens to everyone and me sometimes.

It is when everything was again in vain, that people realised it was all just a dream. The only one who is grand is Almighty God himself, who controls everything.

That why I regard what Islam believes Tawhid is a good point, because no one should disregard God and Allah. In China, we call the unique omnipotence Tian.

The prosperity and success of Saddam was the victory of communist. For the reason that the oil abundant in the Middle East is the possession of God and it was God that distributed his resources reasonably through public ownership to promote the development of social science and economy and boost the establishment of social justice and order.

From the domestic perspective, it was the internal regulation and control of a micro unit of world.

From the perspective of international society, to view it from the macro world, it was a problem about international relationships, religions and the directions that countries and the whole world should be heading to. It was also about the establishment of international social order and international values.

It is human nature that people deny others and do whatever they want when they get cocky after they gain success and grab control of some resources.

Just like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, and some other countries of Middle East, they began to get their own way, after they owned the oil resources and tried to implement Islam fundamentalism in the whole world. They wanted Islam to rule the world and thus supported terrorism with arms and money.

Now Islam, poisoned by the modern civilisation, is turning into heresy and the devil. They hold the money and oil, but they choose to disregard justice and help the evils.

That’s why Buddhist Sutra are great and true.

Buddhist Sutra advocates those who own the power and resources act kindly and protect justice, but not to have their full swing safeguarding their own benefit and produce evil.

This is what is called ‘Practice to be kind and cultivate our minds.’

First we need to, through individual efforts and rational social operation to create wealth and a social foundation framework of safety and prosperity. Then, we need to improve our soul and state of ideology through practicing to be kind and cultivating our minds.

The human society has had great development in productivity and ample accumulation of knowledge, and is ready to move on to a higher level of society.

That requires us to view human social problems from a higher prospective.

Try not to destruct everything and start all over again like Iraq.