54、People Have the Right to Commit Suicide

4 August 2015

Since ancient times, there has always been someone who coerces people with one’s death to force another one to do things who doesn’t want.

Suicide is part of human rights, that the body is one’s own, so people have the right to decide their own fate.

Any intervention of one to suicide will be considered as the violation of human rights. It needs to be blamed and punished.

In the view of God, suicide is a behaviour that is not satisfied with him and the world created by him that he created the world. Suicide means someone doesn’t want the world that is created by god, which also means that he wants to get out of the world. God will never save anyone and will never force anyone, and he will never request someone to stay. He not only does not retain the one who wants suicide, instead, he provides convenient conditions to make him leaving as soon as possible. We’re clean. It’s better than to trouble each other, otherwise, everyone will be in trouble.

Compromising and retaining the one who wants to leave is disrespectful to God.

It is blasphemy to God, and a behaviour needs to be punished.

Rulers oppose suicide that they fear to be considered as their rulings are not good enough and people to commit suicides were because of living hard. Thus rulers object suicide to consolidate their ruling position.

Western countries are against suicide, because they want to advocate western democracy. It is to cover injustice, discordance, unable to uphold justice under the democracy society, but not aims to protect human rights. From the perspective of human rights, people have right to commit suicide. Suicide protection is human rights protection.

From the perspective of human rights, people have the right of prostitution, but it undermines social order and morality from the perspective of social governance. It is harmful to society. However, suicide is irrelevant with this problem. It is harmless to the society. It is an individual behaviour.

Israel is wrong that suicide is forced feeding. Poisons and ropes should be provided to suicides to help them to die as soon as possible. Die early will be less trouble. Then, food can be saved, and room of prison can be saved even jailer's salaries and expenditures can be saved as well. To guard the dignity of God, retaining, compromising and mercy for suicide are never needed. Forced feeding is not necessary as well. Sustaining meaningless life is wasting resources. Otherwise, everyone will be in trouble.

Israel shall protect human rights, and suicides’ reasonable needs shall be satisfied. Evidence of suicide shall be kept for preventing to be considered as murder. That is not good.

I think that suicide also suitable for condemned, people who must be executed, such as murder and drug dealer. They can be given an opportunity of choice, such as taking poison, suicidal hanging, wrist slitting, and drowning. As long as their suicides are executed within the limited time and place, it will be a good execution.

It is going to die anyway, so the execution should be undesirable at least. We aim to exclude some people from us, but it shall not be formalistic. It is civilisation, politeness, and respect for life.