53、Homosexuality Is the Lowest People

29 July 2015

Islam drops the homosexual from the building, or stoned to death.

Homosexuality does harm to society not only because it disturb the social order, but also they ruin the social moral. Homosexuality has a limited harm in the sense of spiritual.

Drop them from the top building or sentenced to death may be too severe for them, for their behaviour is not that horrifying compared to drug trafficking and murdering.

The punishment should be focused on the spiritual sense as well.

American legislated that it’s legal to get marry with same gender, it’s because the modern marriage has the issue of property’s distribution. If the marriage of homosexual cannot be recognised, there’s no way to distribute and inherit the property. So if from the perspective of property’s distribution, it’s legal to recognise it.

I think the most appropriate method to deal with it is the caste system in India.

We can recognise the homosexual marriage in law, but they have to pay the price—they will become the lowest man in world. They cannot work as civil servant, or the work related with priesthood. Any other works that need decent dresses cannot allow them to join as well and they will gain discrimination from the whole society.

Strictly speaking, they are psychological illness patient and are mentally disable. They need treatment.

It’s God’s mercy to not killing them, but it is not worth showing off. So the best destination for them is to become the lowest man in world.