52、God Will Punish Israel’s Enemies

27 July 2015

Today, I listened the Syrian president’s speech, and most of his point of views were right, but these speeches were not on the point.

It is God who punishes Israel’s enemies that are the accusation of war between Syria and Iraq.

Syria is Israel’s neighbouring countries. It is the only one country that refused to recognise Israel as a country, so God is going to punish Syrian as a top priority.

There is no justice party absolutely in the Syria war. It can be considered as that someone is evil and someone is evil extremely. The IS is extreme evil, and other states are evil comparatively.

Syria does not recognise the Bible and it is hostile to Israel, so it is evil.

All the speeches and behaviours, such as independence, dignity, ideas, and teachings are abnormal and distorted. These are not important in front of God.

If anyone does not recognise Israel’s interests, he is evil, and he needs to be punished, and God will not stand on his side.

If God did not support you, all Allevi followers will die. The war would not end as well. You must surrender to Israel, and surrender to God, then the war can be ended.

No one is completely justice, people always have an evil side. God to punish someone is always reasonable. If you oppose Israel after Iran, it will offend God, so bad luck will be one after another, and it will never stop.

They offended God and caused the war, and Iran didn’t send troops to fight for you. Syria should assume the evil consequence. Some people converted to God, so God protected them and didn't punish them.

Just like Saudi Arabia did many bad things, God didn’t punish them. They are subtle and awarded of converting to God and have a good relationship with Israel is better. Iran’s flowers are not that lucky. Evil consequence was occurred one by one and endless.