51、Human Productive Relation Is Changing

22 July 2015

Many new problems have been seen recently triggered by new technology.

1. Optimal taxi software in foreign countries has caused global disorder in taxi industry.

2. Chinese Taobao online selling has cause turbulence in Chinese retail industry.

Industry will reach version 4.0 and robots will replace human labour in factory.

It suggests new technology has dramatically improved human productive force. The stronger is human productive force, more labour force will be needed to produce the same products.

The turbulence of retail industry means the improvement of the productive force of the internet and fewer workers needed in the link of circulation. The final result will be like this: shopping malls are out of business, nobody leases shops, and the operators are out of job.

Taobao-type sales can be seen as the robotisation of goods circulation. We are just making the circulation more efficient by use of the semi-robot and semi-labour operation. The consequence will be more fierce competition in production and fewer profit margins. A large number of enterprises will go bankrupt for lack of competitive power and the wealth flows to the minority.

The robotisation will also lead to unemployment and the flow of wealth to the minority.

On one side, it seems like a favourable trend for us, but on other it seems different.

It can be seen from the favourable side that when human productive force improves, we will not need so many labour workers to produce those products, and the society can raise the whole population. There will be such conclusion as many people do not need to work anymore, and they can sleep at home with no worry for food, and the population will go on increasing.

2. Based on the bad judgment, the society no longer needs that large quantity of labour, leading plenty of them to redundant burdens. Thus we need to dramatically reduce the population, especially the low-quality population. The Islamic baby-bearing machines shall be moped up completely.

Now it is the time for you to make the choice if people go to the promising or unpromising directions.

Logic represents different ideologies which bear different results. Now people need to choose an ideology.

The first logic is about social coordination management—it is a kind of scientific socialism logic.

The second logic is about social natural competition, being part of capitalist logic.

The era of network and robot is reflective of advanced productive force and the irresistible historic trend. We can never disrupt it just because it causes large-scale unemployment.

Marks said a productive force decides productive relation, but we can only change our productive force. We need a new productive relation and new logic to narrow down the gap between the rich and the poor. One can have food even though he does not work. We can just have robots do the work, and we can sit idly by and enjoy our life.

We need to reallocate the collected wealth in a proper approach by communist logic. The reallocation needs the forced interference of the country. In the socialist logic, it is easy to reallocate the money collected from the rich. We just need to adopt a wise and scientific approach to get a result pleased to all sides.

Those who do more work will certainly get more, and do less will certainly get less. The Communist Party shall find a reason to balance the interests. No matter whether they do the work or not, people need money.

Things can never get done through democracy, human right, freedom, election, congress, strike, protest, riot, which is a normal practice of capitalist.

Here is another point: the threat of artificial intelligence.

Many science fictions and scientists worry that the development of artificial intelligence will get robots smarter, more coordinated, and more able than humans.

Because when all the things become artificial intelligence, the machines in factories and weapons will first realise highly artificial intelligence. As a result, human will become increasingly ignorant, dirty and backward.

One day when robots rebel and kill all the human beings.

Especially when human beings fight against each other, they cannot coordinate in anything. There will be very likely some evil doctors inventing evil procedures, produce evil robots, and unify robots to kill human beings.

Robots will pose far more threats than nuclear weapons if they rebel against humans.

Robot threats first come from some human beings who have betrayed human. It is just like IS will invent evil procedures and robots in the future to cause technical and devastating disasters for human, instead of just cutting down several heads or just causing several damages to network.

The preconditions for circumventing the risks shall be the systematic management and coordination of human over human themselves.

Unify human ideology and behaviours. All of us shall think how to let machines absolutely serve us, rather than make trouble, disasters, panic, and evils for us.

The biggest threat is not from the spontaneous anti-human behaviours of the robots, but from human themselves. It is like the IS ideology which would become human traitor and destroy human in the era of artificial intelligence.