50、The Escaping of Mexican Drug Dealers Indicates That Governmental Officials Collide With Bandits to Do Harm to Ordinary People under the Democratic System

17 July 2015

I knew things would be like this when I heard that the drug dealer was caught while no one was put to death last year.

It seems that they are unhappy because I have been criticising that Mexican officials collude with bandits, doing harm to ordinary people.

It is true that Mexican officials collude with bandits, but the reason why this happens is the democratic system. They are annoyed that I only criticise Mexico because many countries in the world adopt democratic system.

Mexico adopt democratic selection system while most of the money for the election are provided by drug dealers. They take advantage of democratic system to support their governmental puppet and serve them.

Services provided by democratic system are listed as following:

1. First, the most important service is that drug dealers will not be put to death, this is a kind of political asylum.

2. Those drug dealers are quite strong now with 20 billion dollars’ income each year while the anti-drug outcome is only 2 billion dollars. The action of anti-drug will surely fail for the financial limitation and drug dealers are protected politically.

3. It is the collision between the governmental officials and drug dealers that allows the escaping of drug dealers this time. There are a large number of governmental officials helping drug dealers, which is initiated by the democratic system. Democratic selection system allows bad people infiltrate into the inside of the government and provide the protective umbrella for drug dealers.

4. The event that the mayor collided with drug dealers to murder a student and set fire to its body happened last year is one of the examples and the democratic system is to be blamed. We can say that there are a lot of bad men penetrating into the government to protect themselves taking advantage of democratic system. They make the government work for themselves while not for the ordinary people.

Drugs are the tool that devils use to control human beings.

Drug dealers are the spokesman of devils and all of them should be sent to the hell.

Drug dealers, criminals, and rappers in Mexico are sending drugs to America.

Mexico is doing harm to America shamelessly. All drug dealers should be put to death according to the Islam law. People carrying the volume over 100g should be penalised and those carrying more than 200g should be put to death.

Although there are many things demanding improvements for Islam, they are totally correct at dealing with devils. It is worth the praise that Indonesia put the drug dealers to death under the great pressure.

This cannot be solved unless several thousand drug dealers are put to death. It is the reform and protecting the interests of ordinary people, we do not need hypocrisy. Drug dealers are all devils and being kind to them is to do harm to the ordinary people.

There are statistics from the escaping Gorsimai indicate that there have been twenty thousand being killed. They are devils indeed. The penalty of death is not enough for them and their organs should be cut off to help others and offset their crimes after being caught.