49、Greek Debt Crisis Completely Suggesting the Ugliness of Human Nature under the Encouragement of Democracy

9 July 2015

Just as it goes in an ancient Chinese saying, ‘life for a life, and a debt paid in full’. It’s a law of nature and the rule set by God.

Greek debt crisis has completely suggested the failure of democracy and the social management. Or it suggests that democracy has no function in social management.

Judged from the fact that Mexican government army cannot defeat drug-dealing, democratic countries can never realise their function in social management. Social management has completely been doomed as a failure in Mexico. There is $2 billion annual military expense in the country, while the drug dealing can earn $20 billion every year. The figure has proved the argument above. The amount of military expense is decided by democracy.

Judged from the angle of social management, drug dealers shall be cracked down on at any cost, and even by mobilising the power of the whole nation. That is the real justice and the real meaning of social management. However, the $2 billion military expense is produced by its democracy. So it can be said that democracy has serious flaws, unable to maintain justice or realise scientific social management.

How come Greece repudiates the debt? It is also because of democracy. It does that with the approval of the whole nation after a voting. Therefore, democracy cannot overcome the ugly side of human nature, or restrain human greed, laziness, and evil.

Judged from the angle of scientific social management, national expenses, and income shall be subject to scientific planning and analysis, not to the voting of some rogue voters.

Voting cannot change scientific planning and budget.

The income and expense of a nation exist by its own rule and can never be changed by voting. Therefore, it can be said that Greek debt crisis is an example of the danger and defects of democracy.

Democracy encourages ugly human nature and cause social disorder, unable to maintain and reserve justice.