48、Gaza International People Claim That People on the Boat Are Devils Who Betray God

30 June 2015

Several thousands of years ago, God gave Palestine to Israel.

The west bank of Jordan and the Gaza Strip are under the control of Israel, this is the willingness of God.

Israel actually has occupied these regions mentioned above according to the willingness of God. Western countries’ hypocrisy and denying towards the Bible result in such a chaos today.

What is the reason that those people on the boat are called devils?

It is obvious that the former president of Tunis was on that boat, who was one representative of devils.

Tunis is the training base for devils, where devils are being trained day and night in over eighty mosques locally. After the training, they initiate terrorist attacks and support IS to attack other countries around the world.

Unfortunately, devils started to attack those foreign tourists visiting their own country recently.

Those devils plotted museum attack and seaside gun attack, resulting in sixty-two deaths, most of whom are Westerners.

They trained innocent college student Jacob to be a killer without telling his relatives. Finally, Jacob murdered forty foreign tourists with a smile.

Only devils can do this.

All of these events are organised by Islam cult in mosques of Tunis. On the one hand, they train devils to kill innocent foreign tourists on a large scale; on the other hand, they pretend to be humanists. This is the hypocrisy of them.

Who are they going to rescue? They come to save Islam devils in the Gaza Strip. Hamas, their evil brother, sends rocket projectile to people in Israel even though they have been totally defeated.

If they want to help Gaza, they have to send many boats to deliver those Palestinians to Tunis or other regions.

Sometimes, they require those Palestinians to lay down their arms and surrender to Israel and God. Israel will treat them nicely and they will lead a peaceful and wealthy life.

Those people on the boat create chaos in the Gaza Strip to fight against Israel, Bible, and God, they are indeed devils.