47、UAV Shall Be Used to Spray Herbicide in Prohibition of Opium

27 June 2015

Nowadays, drug issue is a public hazard all over the world, and with the development of economy of China, the Chinese becomes richer and richer, and they could buy more and more drugs.

The main sources of drugs around the world are Afghanistan and Golden Triangle.

The governors in these places develop anti-government armed forces with drugs. The Taliban in Afghanistan and the anti-government armed forces in Golden Triangle use drugs to finance themselves.

I think we shall develop a highly efficient herbicide specific to opium poppy, with which we will spray with UAV in harvest season. They will have nothing to harvest. Let’s compete with those growers, and we will see whether they grow faster, or the opium poppy dies faster after we spray the herbicide.

This is simple—the UN or other capable countries raise money to buy UAV and herbicide, and then search for some robots for automatic-search and spray.

This can solve the drug problems, and the anti-government armed forces would lose their finance source, and then they would soon surrender to the government.

In accordance with the measurement of penalty for drug dealing in China, these people shall be executed by shooting, but recently there are no cases of drug-dealer execution.

The quantity of drugs, the number of drug user and the number of drug dealers being executed are said to be in proportion. If the number of drug-related crimes increases according to the figure, the criminals being executed shall also increase. Crime would be connived due to minor measurement of penalty and then it would hurt the people. Minor measurement of penalty is the main reason for drug abuse.

It’s easy to eliminate drugs, and why the modern civilisation with high-tech can’t deal with some opium growers? There are countless methods to eliminate them at once.

The question is that human is too ignorant and evil, and the democratic system of the USA is ignorant and evil as well.

They keep thinking about committing murder and arson and killing, but they have never think about doing good.