46、The One Who Went Abroad to Escape from War Is a Traitor and Shall Not Be Elected as the President

19 June 2015

A lot of people in Yemen would devote their lives to fighting for a traitor. This shows that they are ignorant enough to be used by others.

What is a patriot? It is the one who would fight together with the people through thick and thin.

What is a traitor? It is the one who would specially contact with bandit gangs to invade his motherland, which is also called as renegade or lacquey.

Some traitors in domestic are hardly to identify. When a war begins, some of them would go the foreign countries to escape and they would invade their mother land together with some foreign villains. They did it openly.

How can someone who won’t fight together with their people stand for the benefit of the people?

They go abroad, have mutton dish, sipping red wine and coffee, and they have air conditioning. The smoke of gunpowder has nothing to do with them and the bombs won’t fall on them. How can this kind of people stand for us? Is there anything in common with the life of us?

Therefore, the tribal chiefs of Yemen are barbarous, ignorant and uncivilised. However, they would fight for this kind of people. They are all crazy.

If we lose, they will not bleed; and when we win the war, they take all the honours and come back to reign. How can this happen? You are all mad to elect him president.

We shall send someone who had fought in the frontline in Yemen negotiations. Otherwise, it can never draw a conclusion.

You are purely joking on the people’s life and blood.