45、Earthquake in Nepal and Buddhism Reform

16 June 2015

Nepal is the cradle of Buddhism and birthplace of Sakyamuni. A large number of ancient temples were destroyed in this earthquake. I take it as a sign that Buddhism needs reform.

In my opinion, the reason God have created many religions is that the truth is complicated and humans are ignorant. God is forced to divide the truth by perspective and function and distribute them among races and religions so that humans can practice religions in a different way. These religions include Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, and communism and democracy human rights culture. With the truth distributed by God, humans can solve all kinds of problems lying in their way from a different perspective, from a different view.

But with the advance in productivity, the reception of humans to knowledge is improving. The social problems humans face and the situation in which humans are caught up are becoming so complex that any single religion can’t be independently successful in teaching human, adjusting social relation, leading forward the modern ghost of humans.

Humans need a thorough review and a full scale of practice of Buddhism. The contribution Buddhism makes to the adjustment of social relation lies in this old saying—doing good and accumulating virtue, sages are committed to rescue the multitude from sins.

This is a significant part of the complete ghost of humans, but does not constitute the whole ghost.

It is reported that sixteen thousand Nepalese women go abroad annually to solicit, to the shame of Sakyamuni, whose warning came in the form of an earthquake that religions need reform and previous practice of religions has failed.

How can a Buddhist who failed to rescue the women of his country rescue the world?

The reading of Buddhist scriptures, accompanied by the noisy construction of temples, resonates in a country where a large number of her women solicit overseas. It is not a tribute, but a satire paid to God.

Buddha once said, it is the Age of Kali, religions need reform so as to rescue the world with a new doctrine.

Correspondingly, IS destroyed many Islamic antiquities in recent days. Losing these may be a good sign. An old doctrine needs to be replaced by a new one, new doctrines should come into practice, or otherwise human is doomed. As I mentioned before, humans need a complete ghost and a full scale of practice of religion.