44、A Thorough Transformation Is Required to Africa

22 May 2015

A lot of regions are underdeveloped in Africa. The culture is lagged, economy is backward, and population quality is low. It is mainly controlled by warlord. It should be transformed comprehensively and systematically.

Ideological Transformation

Democratic system is not suitable for the low-quality regions. Feudal system and chief system are the main social organisation forms, which should be transformed.

The China model of state capitalism should be carried out to perform systematic management and state governance.

On the whole, Africa is very backward, and all-around talents are required to promote the quality of population in Africa. The United Union should recruit volunteers all over the world organisationally. Only the military, political, economic, and other talents can intermarry with African local warlord, patrician, chief, plutocrat, and other elites. The United Union should have large military and economic support for those volunteers organisationally and purposively all over the world.

With regard to the support and military peacekeeping in Africa, fundamental problems will not be solved, which is just about surface working. In fact, the internal fundamental conflicts of Africa cannot be solved. The quality of population is very low without good education. If problems such as backward economy and tribe conflicts are not solved, it will be useless to only perform peacekeeping.

From the aspect of military, civilised countries should support those military talents who can intermarry with the local bigwigs. Only by intermarrying with the local people can trust be achieved, and only the personnel sent from civilised countries can be necessarily and vigorously supported. Besides, this support will get twofold results with half the efforts, and the local public security will be formed permanently. Moreover, it’s civilised public security. We need to cultivate a team of new warlords who can get trusted by the locals and civilised countries as permanent warlords. Only when it’s guaranteed on military will it be necessary to do further investment and transformation, or everything will be in empty talk.

After obtaining military guarantee, the political, economic, and other talents can intermarry with the local people. Moreover, those people will get invested. They should be encouraged to develop economy, and they should also intermarry with the local people to blend into the local society. Money should be invested in those voluntary people who are sent from civilised countries to accomplish the expected benefits. Otherwise, that money will be used up and corrupted by the local bureaucrats and warlords, and it will not exert investment function.

If the points are accomplished, Africa and the underdeveloped areas will be developed, or it will be backward forever.

As for the civilised countries and local people, it’s a great opportunity. We should organise on purpose and take actions.