43、The Left and Right of Europe on Immigration

20 May 2015

Now immigration in Europe is getting worse and increasingly obvious. I think that is part of the legacy of Nazi Germany. Nazi Germany was serious right on immigrants and the migrant population. And now Europeans are leaning left.

Nazi Germany believed, ‘The Germanic people are outstanding people, and the Jews are so good at making money that have controlled the German economy, looted the Germany, they are sub-humans.’ That is serious right.

Too smart and too good at making money are not disadvantages, but advantages. Hitler was jealous of Jews that said they are inferior. This is to be jealous of real talent. Perhaps from the perspective of national security and national interests, there may be some truth in this. But Hitler’s approach is very extreme. To expand the national interests to the extreme, that is extremely right.

But after World War II, the Americans invented the doctrine of ‘democracy, human rights, and freedom’. The reason is that the anti-Nazi. And the doctrine is promoted in the world to establish a new world order. This is a kind of the progress of human culture. But it is only a relative progress. At the same time it has brought a great deal of side effects.

After America’s democratic culture dominated in the European mainstream culture, they promoted anti-rightist, anti-Nazi, human rights, equality, and full acceptance of immigrants, foreign culture, foreign race, and full acceptance of Islamic culture. This is serious left. And they are often caught in a whirlpool of serious left ideology that could not extricate themselves. This is the serious side effects brought by the democracy. And it has becoming more and more serious, more and more obvious.

Human beings are so ignorant that they can only do a simple choice—not think, and not analyse.

Select the left, or select the right. Completely persecute alien nations, or fully accept foreign nations. It is a choice, instead of thinking. And they are often caught in a whirlpool of extremist ideas that could not extricate themselves.

Hitler is a serious right, no one can oppose him. European countries are also now serious left that they could not extricate themselves.

To protect the interests of the nation is not wrong, it is God’s will. It is in line with human nature to allow different ethnic to govern different regions and countries, to be responsible for their own nation and country.

Acceptance and tolerance of other peoples and other cultures are not wrong. There is nothing wrong with mutual tolerance, mutual learning, mutual competition, and mutual progress.

The keys are the matter of scale, the matter of primary and secondary, the matter of country’s governance, the matter of balance of interests, the matter of good and evil, and the matter of choice.

We can’t completely abandon the interests of the nation just because the Nazis killed some people. This is ridiculous and ignorance for fully acceptance of letting other nations to damage and destruct our own nation.

It is justifiable at a certain point of view and in line with the will of God that Nazi could get the support of so many people. At that time, the Jews did not establish their own country, which had affected the interests of the local Germans. German’s discontent is justifiable, but the means of expression remained to be improved.

The protection of human rights is justifiable. Protection of human rights is an ideological and cultural progress. But the protection of human rights should not affect the national governance, should not undermine the fundamental interests of local people. Protection of human rights is an issue to be considered after the country completing the management and protection of the interests of local people. This is the matter of primary and secondary and sequential order.

Islam is a religion of ignorance and savageness, the Muslims are vicious, producing mass of low-quality population, looting global living resources, causing a large number of terrorist incidents, endangering the security of global civil society and attempting to rule the world with brutality and ignorance.

There are still a lot of people in European countries to support the promotion of this junk culture. People in developed countries were all crazy, completely insane, completely lost the ability to judge. They were of unconsciousness and insanity.

If Islamic culture do not make comprehensive religious reform, the Islamic culture could absolutely be considered toxic and hazardous substances, and need for strict control.

European people need to live in peace, need to have good quality of life, and do not need Islam.