42、The United States Launching the Middle East War Is Right

16 May 2015

The United States launching the Middle East war and the Arab Spring overturned several powerful political figures.

The merits and demerits need to be measured from several perspectives.

1. From the perspective of short term, it caused the vacuum of the power, the chaos of the region, and the rise of the IS after the United States overturned the powerful figures. It is detrimental to the stability of the region in a short term.

The country under the rule of the powerful political figures may not be democratic in internally and implement autocracy. But they are unlikely to launch a terrorist attack on a civilised nation in the name of the country in a short term. From the perspective of the terrorist attacks, the United States overturned the autocratic powerful figures, resulting in the prevalence of terrorism.

2. From the perspective of long term, religion and civilisation to see, it is right.

Several powerful figures in the Middle East are all Islamic fanatics. They will not be a big threat to the world in a short term, because they do not have the power. But if these people master the nuclear weapons, like North Korea, their destructive power and influence on the world could not be compared with the North Korean. The United States overturned Saddam but did not find the weapons of mass destruction. But if this trend continues, they would definitely have sooner or later.

The fanatic and harm of the Islamic cult is obvious to all. If they still want to possess then nuclear weapons, it is unimaginable for a civilised nation.

North Korea is a crazy and brutal country. They have a certain danger to the world, but

a) North Korea is non-religious;

b) North Korea’s area small, so is its population; and

c) North Korea does not have the ambition to conquer the world and expand.

The brutality and craziness of the religious nations are different from that of the secular nations. It is not impossible to let the soldiers in a secular country make a suicide attack. This is illegal and infringes upon human rights, while the religious brutality and craziness can make this happen. So if the Islamic nations own the nuclear weapons, their brutality and evil would cause an unimaginable damage and threat to the world. Moreover, the Islamic population is numerous, the economy is underdeveloped, they are ignorant and evil still, and have the ambition to conquer the world.

From this perspective to see, it was totally right that the United States’ launched the Middle East war and the Arab Spring overturned several powerful political figures, although they caused the chores in the Middle East, the expanding of the IS, and the prevalence of terrorism. But the United States suppressed the state terrorism, the religious world destruction and devastation.

They reduce the state’s terrorism to individual and local terrorist acts and brutal ignorant acts. The United States is right in this kind of things. It saved the world and saved civilisation.

Why the several monarchy nations in the Middle East did not occur big upheaval? That is because the king represents the secular. They are more practical compared to the religious fanatics from the perspective of their own benefits. They did not have the ambition to conquer the world. But brutality is brutality, ignorance is ignorance. It is just relatively calm in the chores.

The civilised nations still need to do two things in the Middle East. It needs to launch a new war if it is necessary.

a) Islamic religious reform. Islam does not carry out religious reform. It is necessary to keep them in a state of war and chaos. Otherwise the civilised nations would be in great trouble.

b) Palestinian relocated and Israeli took over Palestinian. This is God’s will, which cannot be changed.

Besides, the civilised nations also need to carry out family planning policy on Islam in their nations to restrict Islam and the low-quality population.