41、Western Countries Need to Implement Family Planning Policies to Islam and Uncultivated Residents

8 May 2015

At present, Western countries are concerned about the large volume of immigrant issues, and the problem is getting serious. That immigration threatens the living environment as well as the employment environment of the aboriginals.

Currently, the people in the civilised and developed countries pay attention to the quality of life, and not prepared to reproduce themselves.

However, the population increases dramatically in the countries that are poorer, more ignorant, and more uncultured.

Nowadays, there exists a kind of tendency that those unenlightened people tend to expand and occupied the progressive regions. Moreover, those under-developed people are plundering the resource of the developed nations, and trying to disturb the social order of the developed country.

The backward crowd mainly refers to the Islamic and low-income people. They intend to assimilate and corrupt the theory and culture of the developed country.

There are 60 million victims in World War II. Afterwards, the human beings established the United Nations. Then, the Americans proposed the democracy; they wanted to build democracy and order, which was progress in a certain sense, nevertheless, it also raised the new problem at the same time.

In the past, the solution to deal with such conflict is large-scale war and mass murder, which would radically reduce the population and achieve a new balance. However, the new international system invented by the United States could not solve the clash of civilisations. They just retarded the outbreak; the result may even be more dangerous.

From this perspective, ethnic extremism and Nazism were attempted to solve this problem fundamentally, with the most primitive way, which is also the most effective way.

The value of equality, human rights, and freedom is a relative progress. However, equality could only achieve at the physical level. As long as the ideology and culture are distinct, the people are entirely different, which is definitely not equal.

The consequences of such democracy are similar to chronic suicide, especially to the nations of low quality, which is chronic collective suicide.

In my opinion, different countries should adopt different policies to various cultures, religions, and nationalities. The developed countries should take strict family planning and regulatory policies for Islam and the migrants of the undeveloped area. If they violate the rules, they should be deported immediately. Those who cannot be involved into the civilised environment should be deported to their countries and self-reflect themselves.

The expulsion should be better than conflicts, mass killings, and large-scale war. God leads the human beings to set up a country. The people should put the interest of their country in the first place as that is their instinct. Protecting the benefit of the people and the nation, which is the most vital task for a country.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you want to settle down in a developed country, you have to follow the rules, which is the national sovereignty and inviolable. Moreover, the national sovereignty is the most fundamental interest and power.

The American theory ‘democracy, freedom, human rights’ must be abolished as long as it is opposite to the national regime. Once the sovereignty of a country being offended, those offenders must be set aside.

For example, there was some Indians fought in Singapore. As a result, Lee Kuan Yew, the prime of Singapore, expelling all the local Indians to maintain the social order. This is called safeguard national sovereignty. That is also the reason that Singapore develops so flourishing. And other countries involved into chaos, which are caused by the democracy theory of the America.

We should promote scientific management today, guaranteeing the rights of people is the second step, which is the most reasonable choice.

I consider we should apply the family planning strictly to the couples from the same foreign nation, and encourage fertility of the couples, one of them is immigrant and the other one is native, which will promote the communication of the social integration.

Because for the marriage between the migrants and locals, which indicates that the foreigner already adapted to the environment, they are no longer foreigners. So we need to encourage such marriage. But for the marriage of two foreigners, and both of them are low-qualitied, then we need to implement family planning to limit the growth of the population

For Islam, whether local or foreign workers are required to perform family planning because they are religiously ignorant, backward, and barbaric.