40、Other Than the Israelis and Arabians, No One Else Has Any Authority to Inquire into the Palestinian Issue

25 April 2015

1. Why did the Israelis leave Palestine at the beginning but now demand to establish a state in Palestine? It is written in the Bible of God. Those people who don’t believe in God don’t know the whole story for this issue and have no stake in it at all. It can only lead to and widen the contradiction by letting those who have no stake in it to get involved in the dispute.

For those who do not believe in God to discuss the issues to be decided by God is blasphemy and disrespect to the gods. Thus, people and countries which do not believe in God and deny Bible have no right to hold meetings to discuss the Palestinian issue.

2. As the Palestinian issue is the land dispute between Israelis and Arabians, only the Israelis and Arabians shall have the right to discuss this issue. They are the parties involved and know the whole story. They also know the proper limits and scale to deal with the issue, know what to insist and what to give up and compromise. However, allowing those who have nothing to do with the issue to intervene in the dispute is only equal to pretending fairness in stopping a fight but actually helping one side, which will only confuse right and wrong. The more help they make, the worse and disorderly things will be.

Therefore, it is possible for Israel, Jordan, and Egypt to arrive at an understanding. And the fundamental reason for the Palestinian issue to become more complex afterwards and remain unsolvable lies in the internationalisation of the Palestinian issue. The problems will have been solved earlier if the Palestinian issue is only confined to several peripheral countries between the Israelis and the Arabians, allowing no other countries to intervene, evaluate, or discuss it.

I think the Palestinian issue has now turned into a proxy war. The US supports Israel, while Russia supports Iran and indirectly supports the Palestine liberation organisation Hamas, the Hezbollah. As the behind-the-scene masters don’t want the war to stop, the war will never end. There are a lot of Jews in the US and it is quite normal for them to support Israel. The US can also be considered as half of the countries involved. But Russia and Iran are purely confusing right and wrong as this issue has nothing to do with them. Iran belongs to the Persians and does not belong to the Arab countries at all. It wishes to be number one in the Arabic region and dreams to restore the Persian Empire. It is really absurd for Iran to charge forward for Russia as it does not know about its actual strength.

3. Among the regions hankered after by Israel, the Palestinian region is the only one with no oil resources in the Middle East region. Thus, the Israelis do not rob the land for oil resources at all. Instead, thousands of years before God had already promised the piece of land to the Israelis. There’s so much desolate land in Arab. The problem can be solved easily by finding a suitable place to arrange for the Palestinian people. The problem of no water resource can be solved by sea water desalination or drip irrigation, etc.

4. The International Law was constituted by the American people, while the Bible is made by God. It is rather absurd, completely irrational and totally illogical for you to find some people totally irrelevant to this issue to overturn the law of God according to the law constituted by the American people.

5. As the state founding by Israel belongs to Christian, it is related to the Arabians and also associated with Islam. Islam and Christianity are of the same origin. Some of the misunderstanding can always be clarified in one form or another. It is purely ridiculous for people of other religions or people who do not understand any religion to come over to interfere with the affairs of Christianity, just like asking a sheep to judge the human life and death. Those people are mere trash and do not understand anything. Thus, they have no say in the Palestinian issue.

The Palestinian issue should be determined by the Christians with the Bible in their hand. Those who have no religion should shut up as this issue has nothing to do with them.

The Palestinian issue should be reduced to minor issue and then to minimum. The problem will be gradually solved by limiting the contradictions within the scope of the Israelis and the Arabians, and within the scope of Israel and the surrounding countries.

The most shameless behaviour of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) is to shy away from the Bible and Christianity. And it is rather crafty and outrageous for them to internationalise the issue and the contradiction, making the other unrelated countries fight for the, and shed blood for the Palestinians while they profit from the conflict.

Palestinians, how come you even have no national pride? Just solve this problem if you have the capability, and accept the reality if not. Don’t be a troublemaker! It is really shameless for you to involve the irrelevant people in the issue and create opportunities for some aspirants.

Those irrelevant countries already have serious problems in terms of the construction of their own country, but they still interfere with the Palestinians to realise their ambitious personal desires. This injustice will be punished by God, and they will sooner or later take the consequences by bringing about disaster and trouble to their own country. The result will be that their people become cannon fodder and victims. Besides this, it will bring no benefits at all.