39、The Problem of Japan Is a Matter of Consciousness

18 April 2015

There is no doubt that Japan indeed provided financial aids for other countries in post-war, which can be seen as an attitude towards other countries. But it cannot deny the nature of the World War II.

It would change the nature of the aid if it serves as a bargaining chip. Financial aid should have been seen as a kindness, a repentance, and an apology for the World War II.

Things are different if the aid turns a bargaining chip to deny the World War II. The aid is no more kind but a compensation from the vanquished countries to the victorious countries. Aid is a kind of loan instead of reparations. And Loan is supposed to get back both the principal and interest, while reparation is of course the compensation that should be given to the victorious countries.

Japan’s so-called favour is far enough from how many people the World War II killed and how much property lost, with each life is counted according to specific reparations.

Official statistics say that Chinese casualties during World War II reached 35 million with $600 billion of economic loss. Only the money from Japan comes at least 1 trillion dollars can it be called as reparation.

The Chinese government did not claim the $1 trillion war compensation for some reason. It does not mean that there was no damages and casualties without compensation and cannot change the injustice nature of the World War II.

If the Chinese government had asked the compensation of $1 trillion, there would have been no denial of the World War II from Japanese. Therefore compassion should absolutely never come to devils.

Japan’s World War II problem we now are mentioning is not a matter of money. Both China and South Korea are not in short of money.

It is a matter of ideology about whether it is justice or evil. There is no mistake of human that cannot be forgiven no matter how serious it is. But when it comes to the damage from devils, rules must be set, justice musts be guarded, and the demons must be demolished.

Chinese used to treat the Japanese as human, but now it seems that Japanese are not considering themselves as human.

I already said that Japan is controlled by evil spirits, which is a kind of ideology. Japan is still controlled by the same evil spirits until now, and that is why they did not admit their guilt in the World War II. It cannot be more evil to deny what they did in the World War II and worship the Yasukuni Shrine. So I believe that those who do not want to blow up the Yasukuni Shrine are all demons, whose ideology have been completely controlled by evil spirits. All that need to be eliminated.