38、Render unto Caesar What Is Caesar’s and unto God What Is God’s

13 April 2015

This is Christian doctrine, meaning ‘religious authority should never violate kingship’.

Following this basic principle, Christianity has been developing smoothly in general. However, Iran has been respecting the unification of politics and religion until now, which is the biggest and most serious problem in this country.

Therefore, Israel has a great mistrust of Iran.

Iran presents serious problems of its own and will cause serious damage to the world.

So Iran is absolutely not allowed to keep nuclear weapons, or even have such kind of idea. As Iran had and have many wrong ideas, it should do something to make the world develop enough trust in it.

Many of their ideas need to be corrected.

Whether Iran will sign the nuclear agreement or not will have no impact on other countries. Instead, it will just be a representation of its attitude.

On the other hand, it was just for Iran to oppose the matter of Sunni Islam and Wahhabi Islam, which is to safeguard the dignity of Allah and Islam.

Iran should lead Islam to protest against the apostasy and devilment of Saudi Arabia and Wahhabi. And it should also conduct a revolution in countries of Wahhabis, to topple their demonic regime which goes against Allah, carrying on the reform for Islam.

Egypt also mentioned to carry out a religious reform, so the two can do it together. Only to eradicate Wahhabi completely can the Islamic world be peaceful, so can the whole world.

Western countries should help them carry out the religious reform.

Iran is adept in bringing down the regime. They should not always do bad things, but should discover their conscience to help the world. Wahhabi regime thwarting Islamic religion reform should be overthrown. But Iran should not mention ‘theocracy’ anymore.

It is another evil. And it should not object to Israel’s founding either.

Frankly, Israel is very far away from Iran and has nothing to do with the material interests of Iran whether it builds its state or not.

And the founding of Israel only involves in the grudge between the Israelis and the Arabs. Iranians are Persians and have nothing to do with that, but still come between them. The Americans can be called the world police, but Iranians are not. However, they still pretend to be heroes and meddle in the matter. In fact, it’s really none of their business.

Do not trouble yourself, as you could not get any benefits, but only get into trouble. Do not bring your people endless pain and big trouble just to satisfy some personal vanity and political ambitions.

Any regime that does not consider the interests of its people but only gratifies its vanity can be regarded as a cult’s regime.