37、Israel Needs a Cultural Revolution in Palestine

10 April 2015

Today, Palestine people are having protest again and Israeli beat one Palestine person to death.

I think the Palestine issue is essentially a cultural issue. Jews established its country in the Palestine area while Palestine people didn’t realise it yet.

Palestine people didn’t admit it so it’s with all Islam disciples.

This is why Islam is evil and mankind is the most evil. All people are the same: they admit what’s favourable for them (Islam admits the Holy Bible is a classic) and negate part of what’s adverse to them.

It’s why the entire mankind is dirty, ugly, and shameless—selective blindness and selective negation.

As religious figures, you are using deities as your tools, making fun of them, and using them to seek personal interest rather than showing respect for them. What a sin!

The will of deities is not randomly interpreted by you people. The Holy Bible is not to be arbitrarily distorted and negated by you people.

Islam is showing defiance for deities so Islam needs to be punished. Hence, the most chaotic, painful, and hapless place in the world is Islam areas.

If you don’t repent, more hapless things will happen later. Just enjoy them.

Besides, now it’s the extremely advanced era of all religions. God and people need to have a new agreement and set up a new law. At this time, what’s incorrect and unsuitable before should be rectified, changed, and abolished.

In my opinion, Israeli people should study Hitler’s motto: ‘If you tell a lie often enough, it will become the truth.’

Hitler repeated a lie for countless times in order to persecute Jews, thus achieving the purpose of slaughtering Jews.

Hitler is shameless but the method is absolutely the truth.

A lie which is repeated for ten thousand times can become the truth. Hitler turned a lie into truth. Why can’t Jews talk God’s truth into truth? You don’t believe in God or you don’t believe that ‘the birth of Israel’ is the truth?

Jews should publicise the concept of ‘the birth of Israel is the will of God’ to the whole world, especially Palestine people and Islam disciples. This is your work.

I think you should carry out a cultural revolution in Palestine area. Cultural revolution was invented by Chinese people but I think that will work.

You should carry a speaker and use other publicity means in Palestine area and spread the prophecy and imperial decree about the birth of Israel in the Holy Bible.

As time passes by, they will naturally improve.

Suppressing Palestine people by force is the worst way and illegal. It’s something which ignorant and barbarian people do. Educated people need to reason it out and tell the truth. Those who are not educated cannot be reasonable. Muslims don’t go to school so we need to read to them every day. Then they will become educated and reasonable.

If Muslims dare to rebel because Israeli people publicise the Holy Bible, they are unjust terrorists and can be suppressed in a justifiable way.

To deal with Islam, a cultural war is needed rather than military force.

As far as I am concerned, cooperation must be conducted to let Islam disciples admit that it’s an imperial decree to ‘establish Palestine in Israel’ in the Holy Bible.

It’s the most powerful grasp and handle to eliminate evil Islam in the name of God.

Islam disciples don’t admit the Holy Bible and the imperial decree selectively. It’s unjust. It’s against God. It goes against Allah.

All Western countries should cooperate with Israel to fight against Islam disciples in the cultural war and communicate to all of them that ‘it’s an imperial decree to establish Palestine in Israel’.

You need to let Islam disciples in the entire world realise severe and terrible consequences caused by selective blasphemy of the Holy Bible.

Using military force to Islam disciples indicates lack of moral culture. We need to be civilised, argue with Islam disciples, and reason it out, thus helping them return to the right path and realise ‘it’s an imperial decree to establish Palestine in Israel’ and destructive consequences caused by blasphemy of the Holy Bible.

Let God return again to the earth with glory.