36、The Secular Regime Stands for Material Interests, and the Theocracy Stands for the Spirit

8 April 2015

There is an old saying in China, which is ‘the theocracy does not offend the kingship’.

As the kingship represented the secular regime in ancient China, now ‘the theocracy does not offend the kingship’ can be understood as ‘the theocracy does not offend the secular regime’.

The secular regime stands for material interests of a nation or a region. Once, Marx said, ‘Politics is a concentrated expression of the economy.’ That is quite right.

When it comes to material interests between man and man, we all understand and are clever, we all can count the money. Many things belong to all the jurisdiction of the regime, such as houses, cars, money, wife, and children. What all the secular government has done, in the final analysis, are all about the material interests.

Even if you say politics are different, some people may say that capitalism is good and stick to capitalism, and the other people say that socialism is good and stick to socialism.

Why do some people say that capitalism is good? The only reason is that the United States has much money; the capitalist countries have much money. The rest, like democracy, freedom and human rights, are all nonsense. As long as one day it can be proved that the socialist people are richer than the people of the capitalist countries, democracy, freedom, and human rights all those will be abandoned, overthrown, and marginalised. No one will believe that.

Ultimately, politics means the interest, and the government serves the interests.

There is no need to explain what the interests are; all the people around the world understand it.

So, the interests are a consensus of mankind in the world. That is a basic consensus.

Regarding the interests as the consensus, it can help people to eliminate differences and barriers, to make the human society harmoniously develop.

However, so far people’s differences in the spiritual aspects varied, there is no common. Even people who hold same religion can fight with each other.

Human spirit can be said to be a kind of spiritual practice, which can be done from different directions. Man is born wise or stupid. Human’s cognitive level is like the leaves, there are not exactly the two same leaves. Two people who have the same cognitive level do not exist. So it is impossible to achieve human’s spiritual unity.

Thus, it is an evil behaviour that destructing human’s consensus on the material world and their management order in the material world by taking spiritual differences as an excuse. It should be completely forbidden like the Procrustean bed. These wicked persons should be killed with lawful authority.

IS is such a heresy. Ruling the material world with the spirit of Islam is exactly the heresy. It is also incorrect that Iran wants to build up the unification of the state and the church. It is allowed to develop own spiritual practice when people get the material satisfaction without affecting the material interests of others, and do not destruct the rules that society manages the material world at the same time, and when it is also within the management scope of the secular regime.

Otherwise it is the cult, the evil spirits. It must be destroyed.

For example, you can participate in Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank if you think it is profitable. You also can stay out if it is profitless in your opinion. It is consensual. No one can be forced. This is the consensus that the interests have made human beings achieve.

If because of the differences on ideology, or opposing for the sake of opposition, it can be defined as spirit that destroys the material, like the cult and evil demon.