35、Yemen War Is Islam Internal Sectarian Struggle and Other Countries Needn’t to Intervene

28 March 2015

Egypt is prepared to form Gulf State Allied Forces to fight against terrorist organisations, which is correct.

The problem is that Yemen Houthis is not a terrorist organisation of IS.

The internal conflict of Yemen belongs to domestic affairs of Yemen. Therefore, Egypt’s interference in Yemen’s internal affairs by forming Gulf State Allied Forces is not appropriate.

Besides, Houthis is not only common anti-government armed forces, but also is vigorously supported by Yemen military. It is not anti-government armed forces at all, but internal coup. So the internal conflict of Yemen are completely Yemen’s domestic affairs.

Other countries have no reason to intervene in Yemen’s domestic affairs.

Therefore, Egypt sending troops to Yemen by the name of anti-terrorism is unreasonable and inappropriate.

Why does Saudi Arabia actively attack Yemen? We all know that Saudi Arabia, some kings and sheiks, want to safeguard the feudal system.

Saudi Arabia wages war against a region in order to safeguard a family and plunder resources.

All terrorist organisations in the world almost belong to Islam Sunnite. To speak more specifically, almost all terrorist organisations are originated from ‘Wahhabi’ in Saudi Arabia. The Islamic fundamentalism is world-class insanity group.

Leaders of Islam are closely related to Saudi Arabia. In the final analysis, Saudi Arabia is the source of evil and devil.

To maintain monarchical power, His Royal Highness of Saudi Arabia colludes with Wahhabi of Islamic fundamentalism to intimidate its citizens, ruthlessly exploit them, and plunder resources. The oil in Saudi Arabia that originally is shared by all people in Saudi Arabia and a gift from God become private property of the Saudi king.

One the one hand, the Saudi king indulges in dissipation; on the other hand, the Saudi king is in favour of the terrorism all over the world. The terrorist has become his second army, which mentally intimidates his people, physically suppresses his people, and threatens the entire world.

A few days ago, a woman from Burma was killed on street by a Saudi Arabia policeman. It is an example for Saudi Arabia to safeguard monarchical power and to use brutality and ignorance of Islam Wahhabi to intimate the people, which are cruel behaviour of anti-human, anti–human rights, and anti-freedom.

For the sake of oil interests, Western countries turn a blind eye to it and claim to protect freedom, democracy, and human rights, which is a ‘whore’ behaviour said by the Holy Bible.

The reason why Saudi Arabia waged war against Yemen is that the democratic politics proposed by Shia is seriously harmed private family interest of kings of Saudi Arabia and other emirates as well as sheiks. It is a behaviour without shame that bring the entire region into war and disaster.

It reflects the nature of anti-human of feudal dynasty. Certainly, unification of the state and the church proposed by Iran is also incorrect because democracy and unification of the state and the church are contradictory. It belongs to another thing.

Egypt is not a sovereign nation, neither a sheikhdom. Egypt is a democratic and civilised country. So do not follow those kings and sheiks; otherwise, your people will serve as cannon fodder for those kings and it is not appropriate.

Besides, the root cause of the Yemen coup is that Saudi Arabia and America overthrew Ali Abdullah Saleh, former political power, by illegal means. Ali Abdullah Saleh was supported by military and its people but was forced to drop the reins of government. The military and people were not satisfied, so it leaded to coup.

In my opinion, the present political power is an illegal government by illegal means to come to power.

Before the war was started, soldiers had fled several times, from which it can be seen that it is an illegal government that cannot win the support of people.

So Saudi Arabia is unreasonable and injustice on Yemen affairs. If other countries want to help, they should first overthrow the birthplace of terrorism and the Saudi Arabia government that support Islam Wahhabi, which will meet the world’s interest.

If Islam Wahhabi is not eradicated, the world will never enjoy peace.

Why can North African countries immediately form allies force to eliminate Boko Haram?

Why can the Middle East countries not form an allied force to attack IS?

Because the terrorist organisation in North Africa is pure and isolated terrorist organisation. Boko Haram is not an agent of any country, has no background, is not funded, and is not provided with weapons.

However, the terrorist organisation in Middle East is pure hooligan. They have background and are supported by a powerful vagabond group who give them money and weapon and offer training and technology support.

Such background and organisation are sovereign nations, sheikhdoms, Islam Sunnite states, and ‘Wahhabi’ countries, especially Saudi Arabia.

Their ideology and organisation object are consistent. One plays the hero; the other plays the villain. One is in front of the stage; the other is behind the stage. They act in collusion with each other.

Therefore, when Saudi Arabia waged war against Yemen, IS, Syria anti-government armed forces, and hooligan organisations collectively and strongly supported Saudi Arabia at once.

It is an obvious organised crime group. It is an organisation that organises demons to fight against God. People played dumb in the past to show the world.

Saudi Arabia waging war against Yemen immediately tore off its camouflage and revealed its original shape, hooliganism, and axis of evil.

Obviously, Wahhabi countries leaded by Saudi Arabia are the boss of terrorist organisations, axis of evil of the world terrorist organisation and source of vagabond group.