34、Two Problems to Be Solved for Israel as a Country

24 March 2015

The establishment of Israel is the ultimate test and trial of God to human beings and also to the civilised kingdom. The civilised kingdom requires human beings to solve two simple and fundamental problems of understanding.

1. The ownership of the land, that is, whether human admit land and minerals of land production as belongings of God.

Since ancient times, I have only heard of the saying that God created everything in the Bible.

It is not enough to admit that God created all things, but we should also admit that all things belong to God.

It is easy to understand that things belong to its owner. God owns everything he created, of course, not human beings.

God created the land. And land belongs to God. Naturally land do not belong to human beings although they are on it. All they have is the right to use land.

God wants whoever to use it and he can use it. This is his ownership.

God chooses and decides the land for the Jews to found their country. It is up to people’s cognitive ability and loyalty to God to admit it or not.

Now the Jews need to found their country on the land of Palestine, so the Palestinians need to give the land. It is written in the Bible and in black and white.

2. Whether humans respect and admit each other’s interests.

Israel needs to use the land of Palestine, which needs Palestinians to respect each other’s interests.

Israel needs to be founded, and the Palestinians need to properly settle down.

They are not genocide Palestinians and making them homeless.

First, the Palestinians must admit the Bible and the ownership of God in land. God has the right to make them move and they must move.

Otherwise they are challenging against God by not admitting the Bible and the power of God. They violate the interests of God if they don’t admit the authority of God.

First, the Palestinians must move because they are willing to move. They cooperate with this work and say nothing.

On this basis of this question, we need to consider the issue of relocation and compensation for resettlement.

The Palestinians also need to respect the right and decision of God and the requirement of Israelites to found their own country.

The Israelites also need to respect the property rights of the Palestinians and right to live—if they are relocated, they deserve corresponding compensation and resettlement.

These are two sides which complement each other. If one side does not admit the other’s interests, neither of them will achieve anything which means human are still dirty, ignorant, brutal, and helpless. Sooner or later humans will be destroyed by themselves or by others. People cannot co-exist with each other and the universe.

This is two basic concepts of improvement in consciousness and cognition.

The founding of Israel can test the cognitive level of human beings.

Human is dirty, ignorant, and savage.

God loves human beings and represents public interest. Only humans admit God, public interest and value public interest, God can bless all human beings.

Everyone and every country is only concerned about their own interests but not the greatness and holiness of public interest. Ultimately human will be destroyed by themselves without protection.