33、UN Should Support Houthis to Exterminate Sunnite

23 March 2015

Almost all terrorist organisations in the world belong to Islam Sunnite. From the prospective of probability, Sunnite is a problematic organisation.

If IS and the terrorist organisation are malignant tumours, it can be said that Sunnite is a tumour that is not spreading. At latency stage of cancer, it completely complies with the scientific calculation and scientific logic.

A civilised society should gradually remove these dirty and ignorant tumours. Otherwise, it will be too late to remove them after it spreads to our own countries.

UN should not support those tumorous countries and organisations, ignorant countries and organisations, as well as nasty countries and organisations.

It is not a matter of human rights and belief, but it is a matter of good and evil as well as a matter of civilisation and ignorance.

We cannot talk belief and human rights with devil. We want justice and civilisation.

The Western countries and UN that support Sunnite, a tumorous country and organisation are unprincipled and unrighteous, which is a ‘whore’ behaviour said by the Holy Bible.

At least, Houthis who do not wrap their head with towel is worth teaching.

Wrapping one’s head with towel is Procrustes, hooligan, and evil. They who are savage and ignorant should be exterminated and overthrown.

I believe after Houthis take power, Yemen will not frequently have terrorist attacks.

Therefore, UN should support Houthis to exterminate Sunnite and offer Houthis some military assistance and then Yemen will enjoy peace and we will no longer need to worry about a Yemen terrorist attack.