32、It Is Good for Oil Price to Decline

22 March 2015

There is no doubt that oil price is determined partly by artificial factors for some people would manipulate oil price for some certain purposes.

No matter the oil price is raised or lowered.

If someone is really capable of manipulating oil price, I don’t think it is inappropriate to do so, instead I call him a hero who is capable and powerful since manipulating oil price is also a manifestation of ability and power.

Like knows like, so I appreciate these powerful people as much as I despise those who are useless but envy the strong.

Oil trade is still a fair transaction no matter its price is high or low. Both parties of transaction are willing without being compelled to sell or purchase.

If you are dissatisfied with the oil price lowered by someone else, you are free to raise it if you are mighty enough. Otherwise, please shut up and face the reality.

As Mohammed explicitly put it, it is time to ‘eliminate the pigs’. You might as well learn what ‘pigs’ are. They are the lazy ones who enrich themselves and support their family members only by oil without doing scientific researches, making productions, trading, or working. And these guys are ‘pigs’ in Mohammed’s context.

To ‘eliminate pigs’, oil price must decline to impoverish them and compel them to work, do scientific research, make production, trade, and become diligent.

Later on, innovation of new energy will enable human to abandon oil completely. By then, the Arabic Muslims will truly be doomed.

Oil price decline will help some people figure out who are feeding them. Countries that make a living by oil trading are mainly Islamic countries who are fed by the United States and the Western countries. These countries will make a fortune when Western countries raise oil price and become impoverished when they allow oil price to decline.

They don’t even feel grateful for the Americans who bring them happy life, instead they threat to overthrow countries everywhere insolently.