31、Wrong Appeals of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party

21 May 2015

Syria and Iraq, the Middle Eastern socialist countries, have proposed many wrong appeals that lead to their failures and frustrations. Thus, they are advised to draw inspirations from China’s socialism.

1. It is wrong for the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party to struggle against the founding of Israel as a country.

The founding of Israel is a test posed by the gods for human beings. Whether from the perspective of Western values or traditional worldly values, founding of Israel is not only an insane and inconceivable behaviour but also a brutal behaviour, which must be habitually opposed to.

The founding of Israel is only supported by the Bible, and the countries around Israel are the enemies of God—the Islamic countries which disobey and distrust God.

Therefore, I perceive that the founding of Israel is a test posed by God for not only the Jews but also all human beings, and the test is intended to ascertain whether human beings are loyal to God or the Devil and whether human beings select justice or evil.

As a matter of fact, Islam represents evil, demon and ignorance. In the world, the most evil thing is done by Islam which invented terrorism, innovatively and romantically. Their evildoing is so cool and surprising.

Finally, the Jews have passed the test and built Israel. Islam has unveiled the anti-God essence through the founding of Israel. The test has been over. It can be counted as the punishment imposed by God on the Jews or Islam because of their anti-God behaviour.

Do not fight against the Jews’ founding of a country. Instead, there is a need to minimise the cost for the building of Israel and meet the requirements of Israeli through negotiation and compensation according to the Bible. The founding of Israel is an ultimate test posed by God for human beings.

If such a miraculous thing is done successfully and peacefully at a lowest cost, it means that human beings pass the test and grow up, probably able to address all kinds of contradictions they encounter in the future.

Otherwise, human beings will sooner or later meet their doom despite surviving this time. If so, it’s better to be destroyed earlier. Do things neatly, not sloppily.

It is wrong for the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party to struggle against the founding of Israel. This wrong direction will never be supported by the gods.

2. The Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party fights against American imperialism in a wrong way.

First, I strongly agree with Deng Xiaoping’s theory: ‘It doesn’t matter whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches mice.’

Despite the different expressions, Deng Xiaoping’s theory is identical to the theory ‘benefit is the focus of the conversation between humans while distortion, abnormality, weirdness, and evil are the concerns of the conversation between demons and human beings’.

The same meaning is conveyed in different ways.

Despite insisting on white cat and black cat principle while dealing with both domestic and foreign affairs, Deng Xiaoping was always able to remain level-headed when addressing the matters of principle. On the whole, he did everything in a correct way, which has laid a foundation and removed the obstacles for the subsequent development of China.

It is not only an art, but also a technique to avoid conflicts while insisting on individual principles and directions in the face of the strong power of the United States and the Western society.

Seemingly, socialism is incompatible with capitalism.

In my own view, Western people, including American people, pays greatest attention to benefit, and capitalism is equal to benefit centralism.

In essence, socialism also lays emphasis on benefit, which is reflected in Marx’s revolution. He argued that capitalists exploited workers ruthlessly and therefore proposed striving for the benefits of workers through revolution.

Since every group and state highlights the benefits between people, please stay in harmony and give priority to benefit.

Instead of discussing on socialism or capitalism at present, we may turn attention to benefit.

As a matter of fact, God’s allocation of human beings into different countries is aimed at their respective development.

Socialism and capitalism develop in their own countries. Either socialism or capitalism which can contribute to a better quality of life will be considered correct, great, and glorious. This is fair, without the need to argue with each other. In fact, it is more meaningful to make a comparison about who has more money and which country provides a better quality of life.

Before the socialist countries like Syria and former Iraq achieve satisfying results in terms of economy, science and technology, domestic contradictions, and people’s quality of life, they are advised to strive hard from two angles: internally, socialist countries should improve internal strength; and externally, socialist countries should respect the game rules of developed countries and international order as well as lay low to bide their time.

Instead of confronting developed countries, socialist countries are suggested to do business in developed countries and earn money from them.

There is no need to confront each other, as every country develops independently. Partnership may be established when cooperation is acceptable.

The Islamic countries like Syria and former Iraq and Muslims are simple-minded, lacking the ability to understand the profound philosophy of life. We can do nothing but to accept the fact.

The same goes for North Korea.

The thought that advocates confrontation and wars is most stupid evil and heretical thought.

People’s quality of life can be reflected by money, fact and figures, and people have the ability to evaluate what a good life is.

Many Hong Kong people’s opposition against the false democracy, freedom, and culture of Western countries means a kind of awakened consciousness, a feeling, and a trade-off. The people rather than the Communist Party have the right to speak.

3. The Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party's inclusion of ‘freedom’ in its slogan of ‘unification, freedom, and socialism’ is a severely wrong direction as well.

It is these two severely wrong directions that constitute the external reasons for the failure of the Middle Eastern socialist countries.

Domestic sectarian contradictions turn out to be one of internal factors, since there has been a lack of clear and correct solutions and ideas for the Middle Eastern sectarian contradictions.

(a) Eradication of extremism.

(b) Theocracy shall not offend majesty. Religious forces shall be not allowed to control the power or enjoy democracy and freedom. In addition, religious forces shall not fight against government.

(c) The reasonable benefit of people from different nations as well as the fairness and justice should be guaranteed by dint of communism.

Lao-Tzu said, ‘Empty people’s minds and nourish their bodies.’ Such way will be definitely conducive to coping with the Islam in the Middle East as the only correct method.

In Western democratic system, liberalism is the most toxic poison for Islamic regions, which will harm not only others but also themselves.

Do not mention ‘democracy’ or ‘freedom’ in Islamic regions; otherwise, they will be caught up in the chaos immediately. Instead, the benefit, order, rule of law, and justice should be focused and the Islamic believers should be guided to highlight benefit rather than ideology and doctrine. In this way, things will become easier; otherwise, problems will come one after another.

Muslims are advised to convey the information of Islamism to their wives, children, and themselves, but do not mention doctrine to the government or influence governmental administration. Government, which should not pay attention to doctrine but monetary problems, will not address other problems except monetary problems. Anti-government behaviours shall not be performed unless monetary problems happen; otherwise, suppression measures will be taken.

Government is only responsible for providing fundamental guarantee as well as ensuring basic fairness and justice and social operation. Spiritual activity is not under the charge of government but falls within the scope of personal human right. The spiritual activity shall not impact governmental administration; otherwise, it will be considered heretical and then will be prohibited.

The Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party’s inclusion of freedom in its slogan of ‘unification, freedom, and socialism’ is a severely wrong direction as well as the poison gas released from the United States to the world.

Socialist countries are supposed to act like China which fights against ‘bourgeoisie liberalisation’ and upholds ‘democratic centralism’.

I guess Islamic believers and Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party cannot understand the true meaning of the words above, and thus, they need to work hard on it.