29、Each Country Shall Take Recognition of This Book as Prerequisite of Politics

15 March 2015

The book that I write is not for all, because it cannot be understood by most people as far as now, or can be recognised soon.

Even though it would be recognised by many people, it may be blind followed or forced by tendency, as the thinking logic in this book is not compatible with most people in society nowadays. If it can be recognised soon, I would not write it.

However, it is necessary. Human must improve souls at this moment, and it’s the time to make a choice—change or disappear.

Elites or wiser shall understand at their first sight, but whether they would like to follow or not shall be another thing.

Opinions over long co-existence among human, human and society, human and nature, human and universe mentioned in this book are the basic concepts and basic logistics as well as the basic method.

This is the most basic structure, without which there will not refer to civilisation and development. If human violate these basic concepts, one day they will disappear or be ruined by themselves or by universal.

Human now still measures with universal civilisation, which is very ignorant, dirty, evil, barbarous, pitiful, and ridiculous.

The strength of human is growing constantly but civilisation does not catch up science’s steps. Such a creature, ‘ignorant, dirty, evil, barbarous, pitiful, and ridiculous’, does not own strength at all. In the past, human fought and attacked each other and made no harms to nature and universe, which left no big influence. But with the development of science and technology, the destructive power of human towards nature and universe is increasing, which would be a disaster and threat to the universe as well as human self.

Therefore, there must be civilisation of a higher level to require human to make a choice and change.

The starting pint of higher-levelled civilisation is the opinions and basic concepts mentioned in this book—the basic social order and requirement.

Because the royalty and regime has superhuman power—the right given by god. The right of governing country and citizens is given by God, which directly influence people’s life, property, happiness, and health.

Nowadays, social systems and orders cannot negotiate with benefits and needs of all people.

God loves all human regardless of colour or wealth. The necessity of establishing a basic social order and system to maintain, guarantee, and protect profits of all people shall be God’s intention.

As a result, politicians and rulers require a prerequisite condition, the basic threshold and concept. Rulers must be the creator and maintainer of this basic social order and system.

Following God’s wish, this book is explaining the basic condition, threshold, and concept of establishing a God’s land.

Chinese have been chosen and destined to be an example since the very beginning of God’s creation. Citizens of other countries should follow China’s example and learn and refer to establish a country as God wishes with plans, steps, and goals.

Existence of IS, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Mexican drug dealers would trigger God’s anger, which shall be stopped now.