28、Theism and Atheism, Idealism and Materialism

12 March 2015

I have studied science since the childhood, and I very like physics. Since the childhood, my home had almost all electric equipment and goods, which all have been separated, studied, repaired, and reassembled by me.

And I once served as a maintenance technician and technical manager in our company. I believe and have studied science and technology. And I am also proficient in science and technology in some aspect.

During several decades from my birth to now, I saw the development of human science and technology.

When I was a child, if someone had a transistor radio which had a pager, it would be something worth showing off. I estimate that today’s young people have never heard of a transistor radio, let alone seen a valve receiver. They didn’t even see a pager.

There are several transistors in a transistor radio, and today’s smart phone has hundreds of millions of transistors.

At present, the factory wants to introduce thousands of robots to replace the workers.

It was about thirty years or so that the human science and technology has got a very rapid development, which made people feel amazing.

But you should know the history of mankind, or how long it lasts since the emergence of humans’ words? It is about three thousand years.

But did you ever calculate how long the universe has been existing until now?

According to scientists, there should be 13 billion years. Compared with the universe, human civilisation is like a brief moment. It can be neglected if we don’t pay attention to it.

During this period of 13 billion years, how much will civilised progress happen and how many magical changes and things happen? It cannot be measured. It cannot be conjectured and measure by using humans’ existing wisdom and strength.

First of all, I think all things in the universe that are known and unknown for our human beings are physical. There is no doubt about this point.

However, the human’s understanding of material is also like a drop in the ocean. There are still lots of substance phenomena and substance principles that the human beings haven’t completely mastered. And for some, the human even haven’t touch the edge.

The human beings don’t understand things, but they are self-righteous and conceited. They think that if they have nuclear weapons, they will be powerful and they can dominate the world. So I think that human beings are an ignorant, rough, poor and ridiculous existence.

If we calculate 30, 3,000, and 13 billion years with the most simple logic, we will not be arrogant and happy. As long as there is a biology, if his level of science and technology exceeds thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, or even hundreds of thousands of years, or hundreds of millions of years than humans’.

If they are standing in front of the humans, if they aren’t a god, what is it?

This is science, this is technology, this is knowledge, this is reason, and this is also humbleness.

In addition, a lot of things and phenomena that cannot be explained by human scientists happen in our world almost every day.

First of all, we have to admit that this is true, this is matter and this is phenomenon.

Secondly, these are facts, matters, and phenomena that are beyond human’s science, cognition, and knowledge.

Explaining these with creationism is the most appropriate choice. And it is also correct and logical.

In fact, it doesn’t need to debate theism and atheism, idealism and materialism from the point of view.

If mankind can realise their own smallness, dirty, ignorance, poorness, and ridiculousness, there will be no need to debate all of these. And there is no need to debate this topic.

Because the two are unified, and they are saying the same thing. It is just because of different cognitive levels and angles.