27、No Death Sentence for the Underworld Criminals to Kill People Is the Slut Behaviour of Western Society to Sign Agreement with the Devil

15 February 2015

Democracy is the messenger of the devil and the anti-God system implemented by Freemasons. The law of God is to achieve fairness and justice on earth, while democracy is to harbour evil and indulge the rich in doing whatever they want. Failure to follow the law of God and escape from the crime is an anti-God behaviour.

‘Life for a life, payment for the debt’ is the justice and the law of God. However, the western society and Freemasons have abolished the death penalty for the protection of human rights. This indeed is the most typical anti-God behaviour and example which cause chaos and devil throughout the world.

The abolition of death penalty taking human rights as an excuse facilitates the devil to do evil recklessly with the system of acquittal. It is an example that evildoers are in power.

It is stated in ‘the Bible’ that Western society is signing agreement and conducting adultery with the devil. As a slut, it can do anything and overturn any principles for making money, completely abolishing the law of God and neglecting the justice.

With justice, small mistakes can be appropriately punished, and heinous murders must be put to death without sympathy, forgiveness, and acquittal. As justice is an answer for victims and God.

The divine rights of kings are empowered by God, so it is only the kings or the governments but not the underworld criminals that are authorised by God to wield the power. It is illegal for the underworld criminals to murder and attack, and they must be destroyed and put to death for their opposing to God’s management on earth.

China has just got the gang leader Han Liu sentenced to death. It is the implementation of justice and the law of God.

Even the leaders of drug dealers are free from death in western society. It is extremely shameless to get the devil run wild, sign agreement with the devil, and commit adultery with the devil. The slut behaviour is clearly set out in the ‘Bible’.

Marx said that ‘the capital has been bleeding dirty things from head to toe and from every pore since it came to earth’. Most capitalists gain their fortune through bloody calling, so they definitely will leave themselves the way out with the first choice of avoiding death when the capitalist law is developed by these filthy people. God’s justice is bound to be trampled and sold as a deal to the devil.

Capitalism is not necessary to completely overturn, as it is worthy making use of good things.

But God’s law must be obeyed with justice implemented. Devious people should be killed, just as is said by God that ‘they are cut off from my people’. Let them go to another world and reunite with the devil.

The United Nations and Australia are really shameless nowadays. They put no death sentence to traffickers, further requesting and threaten Indonesia not to kill the traffickers. People cannot be at such an extremely shameless status.

It is hopeless of them to make others do the same thing of betraying God as they are doing. It is great for Indonesia to kill traffickers, however, it is not necessary that high school students should test the virgin status for graduation to avoid the suspect of not following the testing rule.