26、The Entire Human Have Different Degrees of Soul Deficiency

6 February 2015

From childhood, my family has already taught me to be an honest person and follow the rules. I also wanted to make money happily, get married, and have children, thus to last a lifetime at first.

Gradually, I realise I’m the only one who knowing the truth in the world day by day, and I have obligation to tell the truth.

The truth of the world is that the entire human have different degrees of soul deficiency, it is commonly called ‘stupid’ in folk of China, all the thinking logics of the entire human are disordered. In fact, no one could grasp the most essential truth.

‘Stupid’ means fool and simpleton. The ‘stupid’ of human is in different degrees, from a low level to a high level.

The First Category

Incapacity, with bad essence—Fox category.

1. The lowest level is mentally handicapped, idiocy.

2. A more advanced one is neuropathy.

3. A little more advanced one is ignorance.

4. The more high level is parochialism, selfishness.

5. The next more high level is sinister and crafty.

6. A bit more advanced one is glory-seeking.

7. The most advanced one is thinking logic confusion.

The Second Category

Incapacity, without bad essence—Pig category.

1. The lowest level is mentally handicapped, idiocy.

2. A more advanced one is neuropathy.

3. A little more advanced one is ignorance.

4. The more high level is blind obedience.

5. The next more high level is blind faith.

6. A bit more advanced one is worship blindly.

7. The most advanced one is thinking logic confusion.

The Third Category

Powerful, without bad essence—Bear category.

1. The lowest level is mentally handicapped, idiocy.

2. A more advanced one is neuropathy.

3. A little more advanced one is ignorance.

4. The more high level is barbarous.

5. The next more high level is bellicose.

6. The most advanced one is thinking logic confusion.

The Fourth Category

Powerful, with bad essence—Crocodile category.

1. The lowest level is mentally handicapped, idiocy.

2. A more advanced one is neuropathy.

3. A little more advanced one is ignorance.

4. The more high level is unconcerned with others.

5. The next more high level is utilising others.

6. A bit more advanced one is framing others.

7. The next higher lever is threatening and intimidating others.

8. The most advanced one is thinking logic confusion.

I simply divide people’s souls into four general categories, and each category is divided into different levels. In the present context, no kind of soul is integrated, each soul has some deficiencies.

If the integrated soul of human beings is ten kinds of souls, then the meaning of ‘stupid’ is that there are different degrees of elements lack of each soul.

Some lack a lot, and there is no soul basically, vegetables don’t have souls.

Just like amentias, they may only have one tenth of soul.

There are more souls of psychopaths, they may have one-fifth.

Just like computers can’t realise certain necessary functions without necessary installation programs. Images and documents can’t be dealt with. And videos can’t be played, websites can’t be opened. The performance is fool, and the reason is the lack of necessary programs. So it is called ‘stupid’.

In my opinion, people all over the world are ‘stupid’, no one’s soul is integrated.

Everyone is lack of necessary drive programs and application programs. Everyone is not integrated.

And the performance of incomplete is the lack of the same kind of soul in a nation and a region. Because their living habits and living environment is almost the same, which cause that their souls are almost the same, and lack of the same elements, and they are almost the same ‘stupid’.

We used to call this kind of difference cultural difference in our real life. I think it should be called the lack of different souls, different ‘stupid’. Different kinds of fools and simpletons and the lack of souls.

The souls of a rich man and a poor man must be different. Even if their characters and springboards are the same, their opinions must be different.

The opinions of a health man and a sick man must be different, even if their characters and springboards are the same.

This is opinions and subconsciousness decided by the ability of people, which is the soul.

Whether a man is kind or evil, friendly or harmful, decides his basic logic and springboard in considering problems. So kind and evil is the stander to measure souls.

So I divide the four kinds of soul types with the different combination of the two variables. Then the degree of soul lack is made according to the natural abilities, which is also the degree of ‘stupid’.

We could take people of all nations in the world into seats with this kind of simulation. We can see the position of their souls and lack situations clearly.

It is important to know one's own limitations, people who knows others is intelligent; people who knows himself is wise. Because know yourself and know your enemy, you will win every war.

Even If we can see souls of ourselves and other clearly, how can we do things well? And how can we do things successfully?

I find an animal for metaphor is just for memory and understanding. There is no contumelious concept. But the lack of souls is a miserable thing, and it is not a glorious thing as well. There must be the meaning of denounce, and don’t expect me to praise people lack of souls.

1. North Korea, because it is a small country, the nation and culture is single. There is no culture of small countries, and I have contacted with people of the Korean nationality, North Korea can be defined as extremist country, but if you say that their people and leaders are bad enough, it is not true. Their souls shall belong to the second category, the category of incapacity and no bad essence, the pig category. They obey, trust, and adore blindly from top to bottom. I also heard that some North Koreans lay badge of Kim Il-sung into bodies. This belongs to ‘stupid’ of typical pig category.

Now it belongs to democratic society, network times, and quantum age. The whole nation obeys a man, a family blindly. And he does not call himself the king. And is it called socialism? The fascism and Hitler’s rule implemented with the name of socialism. Because one element of socialism is the centralisation of state power, it is the characteristic, advantage, and superiority of socialism. But this superiority is used by individuals to rule a nation. I am not saying that they do it deliberately, because people in the nation are lack of souls, which are serious stupid.

How can they change the situation? Their lacked souls should be brought up to full strength. The democratic education, human rights education, the education of right and wrong, and the basic logic education of scientific socialism is needed.

2. Islam extremism.

Islam extremism and its followers belong to the stupid of pig category.

Why I say they are ‘incapacity and no bad essence’?

Because the reason for them to do so is not harm others to benefit themselves, they do it for Allah, Hadith, and their faith.

Their followers and leaders also ‘obey, trust, and adore blindly’. They guide the behaviour of modern people with these things of thousand years ago, which occurs serious conflict with modern civilisation.

I hope they could understand the original idea of God and Allah, lead Islam world to realise scientific socialism and find your lost souls back. Rebuilding paradise in the world and abandoning these outdated and old shariah and realising new shariah of God and Allah.

3. America and Western societies.

America and Western societies are controlled by Freemasonry. Most of the celebrities are freemasons in Western societies, including some Chinese people.

Freemasonry is the powerful organisation with very bad essence. It’s evil, powerful, and ruthless just like snake and crocodile.

Their belief is completely opposite to Buddhism’s. In Buddhism, competent people are demanded to take care of your ignorant people. Assisting the generation and bring comfort to the common people, it is the real intention of Diamond Sutra.

But then again, competent people don’t have to take care of ignorant people. Taking care of ignorant people is the responsibility of God, and not the responsibility of Freemasonry.

Therefore, Freemasonry has no responsibility to take care of ignorant people.

Freemasonry has enacted a series of economic order, social law, and logical thinking, which are beneficial to ‘crocodile’.

They are acting by law at least. There are laws to abide by, it is still reasonable. But your poor devils, the poor can’t keep up with the situation, and others have no obligation to help you.

So if those poor and backward nationalities which envy and hate America and Western countries like Islam and Taliban is unreasonable.

America, Freemasonry, and the Western society, they are not God. They have no obligation to sacrifice their own interests to give you alms. And slowed their steps to wait for you and help you, to give assistance to your pig category, bear category, and fox category. You can’t follow the steps of crocodile, so you have no necessity to get disliking and avoiding, and to encumber the crocodile.

Now, I think that America, Freemasonry, and the Western society are not like that demon should be fought spoken by Islam, they only lack of soul just like Islam.

America, Freemasonry, and the Western society are the lack of the soul of the Buddhist.

I just said the land and mineral resources, petroleum, gold, and diamond which belonged to God should be nationalised, collective properties should be shared by the whole people. Realise the most basic social public service and foundation platform by these collective properties, and to realising the most basic fairness and righteousness.

Just like those newest wealth growth points, all of the wealth created by human, don’t need the communist just like it before.

Such as Microsoft, typically, it is the wealth created by Bill Gates. Of course, it belongs to his personal property, it doesn’t need to be regarded as public property.

Warren Buffett, he has created wealth by financing, of course, it belongs to his personal property, it doesn’t need to be regarded as public property.

China’s internet business is also belonging to the wealth that created by humanity itself, and of course, it belongs to the personal property.

Rich and powerful people of the Middle East, Rockefeller Family, have created wealth from petroleum, and of course, they have also paid for it. A part of wealth created by themselves, and another large percentage belongs to God, should be shared with all the people. So it needs public-private joint management and shareholding management.

God loves the people, and wants to establish the country with fairness and justice, and it is depending on wealth and power, it is not only settled by reading some passages of the Bible.

It needs legal tender in cash, real guns, and bullets.

Scientific communism is a kind of system which is in order to help God execute the policies and resolve the issues of legal tender in cash and real guns and bullets.

So it must be executed.

I hope the Freemasonry don’t obstruct the love from gods to human, and don’t rock the boat to God, complementing those lost souls of co-existing and co-flourishing, and assists your generation and brings comfort to the common people.

4. Russia must belong to the bear category.

Powerful without bad essence, the Russian never loses the wars, so they are powerful. The Russian also have no heart for harming others to benefit itself, so it without bad essence.

It is lack of Buddhist wisdom and soul for assisting the generation and brings comfort to the common people, co-existing and co-flourishing.

At the same time, it is lack of the spirit and soul which take benefits as the foundation and need money hungrily just like the Freemasonry.

People need money, countries need money. Ultimately, all the things should be done by money.

5. Japan belongs to the fox category.

It is incapacity, with bad essence.

Japan’s military strength is restricted, so the ability is restricted. Looking from Japan’s Yasukuni Shrine, it positively belongs to bad essence, wicked essence. The negation of the Second World War again and again, seeing from the starting point, it is dead.

But they have no ability, only could glory-seeking, stuff and nonsense, deny the history repeatedly.

Why say it is stupid?

I find it very strange, the things in the Second World War were not done by you, they were done by the people before, and we don’t want you to lose money and life, what is your relationship with admitting or denying? Why you choose glory-seeking? What benefit they could get? I can’t understand it all the time.

Why they focus on doing the things which only have disadvantages and without advantages? This is called soul deficit. It means stupid, simpleton.

Your missing souls of co-existing and co-flourishing, and assists the generation and brings comfort to the common people need to be complemented.

The characteristic can be found the example illustration from the other kind of Japanese culture, and it is ‘Ninjutsu culture’ of Japan.

The Hollywood blockbuster Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that we have watched was from Japan.

‘Tolerating’ is the national culture and national features of Japan.

Analyse on the culture and features of ‘tolerating’, we can see clearly about the soul deficit situation of the whole nationality of Japan.

Firstly, why do they want to endure? It is because of that they have no ability, and scarce capacity has given rise to unfavourable current political situation, and unfavourable situation. Because they are short of ability, capability failure, they only could stoop to compromise. So they need ‘tolerating’. It explains that there are inferiority factors of no ability and no self-confidence in the subconscious of the whole Japanese nationality.

Secondly, the purpose of ‘tolerating’ is finding some way to retaliate after the time ripped, so the nationality that take ‘tolerating’ as the national culture is certain to find some way to retaliate when the time is ripping, so Japan is ill-conditioned. This is the national culture which rooted in the subconscious.

This is the soul deficit and warp situation of Yamato that analysed from the culture of ‘NINJA’.