25、Socialist in Middle East

3 February 2015

I just found out that Iraq and Syria are also socialist countries.

For decades, I did not know that they were in socialism. I have to say they are just like North Korea, which is engaging in terrorism under the guise of socialism or cheating with socialism.

All have authoritarian rule under familial control, taking advantages of centralised socialism to engage in family authoritarian rule and make the entire country serve for their families. It is justifiable for Saudi king to request the whole country serve for him, but it is kind of phony and blackmail for Iraq and Syria to build socialism but request people serve for their families.

Soviet socialism has failed and disintegrated. Those socialist countries running after them will also disintegrate. This is a habitual action without solution.

Dominant ideology and the ideas are wrong.

I think the resource-based countries in the Middle East should have their advantages in building socialism, but they failed for unknown reason. Maybe the dominant ideology is incorrect.

They lack of proper treatment methods. I propose the state capitalism in which the management right separates from the ownership, state-owned enterprises are changed into state capital, and the state-owned enterprises are capitalised. It is the right way to introduce Western capital management so as to increase the value of state-owned capital.

It becomes an evil way when going astray from the right way. It can be corrected just by getting a Chinese provincial official as the consultant.